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    My little chap and not yet two in this..
    Bike is a “tiny bike” smallest balance bike I could find.
    on the lookout for a rothan or hot walk if your selling one.
    jimmy balance
    jimmy balance 2


    We are thinking about littlebassplayers first bike at the moment, how tall was Jimmy when he started riding the “tiny bike”. Did you modify it in anyway?

    Web says minimum seat height 30cm, which means i’ve got to wait a bit longer while her legs grow! Which other balance bikes did you look at before deciding on the tiny?

    Many thanks


    I did cut little off the seatpost and that lowered it about 2cm (at most)
    I looked at all the usual suspects rothan, hotwalk, weeride, likeabike but this was just a
    visual look on the net, no measurements, however I had him in a bike shop at the weekend
    and he now just fits a Hotwalk so he would have missed 6 months riding if I had waited.
    Tiny bike is great, nice quality, nice price. It’s only fault is the solid rubber tyre and the tyres
    square edged shape now he is bigger and riding better I am going to get a pneumatic tyred
    balance bike.
    I will get wife to measure him later and report back.


    we have a strider for Rose. she got it at about 17 months and fitted on it then (she is slightly below average)

    I don’t think you could possibly get lower without smaller wheels.

    She’s just starting to really scoot now at 20 months which is exciting.

    ps. she loved the videos, sat there shouting ‘boy’ ‘bike’ all the way through!

    Premier Icon composite

    Great clips! Funny in the first one he wanted to do the curb drop off. Clearly dad’s experience knew how that could end. 😀


    second vid 20 seconds in mine did that they lay on the floor. I went over they looked at me and said

    ” look daddy I am just like you I crashed too”

    AWESOME clip its great teaching them

    Premier Icon D0NK

    superb. my lad just seems to walk with the bike between his legs, need to find some gentle slopes to learn on. Did your nipper learn on the tarmac? I was thinking grass would be better initially, softer landing, but I guess more likely to crash on uneven surface.

    Premier Icon binners

    Thats brilliant tinsy! 😀 He’s a natural!

    The best thing about getting them started on balance bikes at that age, is that when they’re big enough to graduate onto a ‘proper’ bike, there’s no mucking about with stabilisers. They’re just off and pedaling


    Thanks chaps.

    Donk he learnt indoors on tiles and wood flooring, he walked with
    bike between legs a bit as it was a stretch to sit on seat at first
    I used good old duct tape and some card to make a kind of low crossbar
    he could sit on until he could comfortably use the seat.

    Uglybassplayer pretty sure the 30cm it gives as seat height on the net is
    wrong smaller I am sure. (still waiting on mum to measure it)

    Premier Icon D0NK

    Mines got plenty of floorspace at home to practice on and his bikes small enough, I think the problem is that the lazy bugger’s spending too much time watching cbeebies and not enough practising.


    good work chap! cannae wait for my little’n to be doing this stuff :)(

    Premier Icon bgd

    That’s brilliant. BGD jr is only 11 months old but can’t wait to get him his first bike.

    Premier Icon althepal

    Mine is still walking with it, outand about today. Two and quarter..


    Bit late but composite, its not a kerb the other side its about 3ft!

    Althepal, looks happy & thats my goal with Jim..

    oh Tinybike min seat height is 270mm, the wheels are only 7″ so much smaller than most balance bikes,
    it really has been a good buy for us as Jim is a little chap…

    Thanks for the info tinsy. Looks like littlebassplayer is right on the limit (which means not long till i can get her a bike of her own!)

    Currently torn between a Strider and a Tiny bike? Strider has same seat height and local stockist. Tiny bike is.. well…. tiny! although the Strider has the same seat height it is equal to the wheel size which if little ones legs is borderline lengthwise just adds something else to get hung up on….

    Perhaps its best to take your route, tiny bike untill legs are long enough for a bike with proper tyres.

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