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  • Protecting my plastic CH pipe
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    We have plastic pipes, and they seem to be just stuffed between the floor and ceiling all around the house. However at one point a pipe goes over the top of the wall between kitchen and garage, and at one point several years ago it split at this point. Presumably the expansion and contraction eventually abraded the pipe. It was fixed by the emergency plumber and I left it and I think it’s leaking again now.

    So is there a standard way of protecting plastic pipe against abrasion like this or do I need to come up with something?

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    Pipe clips so that it doesn’t rest on the brick. Or failing that some form of conduit around the pipe where it touches the brick wall.

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    If it’s bent to the point where it’s rubbing on the top of the wall, I’d suggest that removing the bend and engineering in the required change of direction with the appropriate fittings would be the best way to sort it. How easy that might be, I don’t know.

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    Just slip some foam insulation over it to protect it?

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    15mm barrier pipe?
    Up, along, then down again?
    Weight of water, expansion and softening is probably delaminating it
    So it kinks then splits

    Drill hole in wall, fit conduit
    Use jg speedfit 90′ elbows to remount but only if easily accessible so it turns through the angles

    Get a plumber to to make a sand filled copper section and cut that in

    Get a blowtorch and make your oen U shaped section with swept 90s and speedfit that in

    Wrap all the above in gaffer tape of fot talon clips to support away frpm wall

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