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  • Prophet + Tapered Fork = ? Headset
  • dc11

    I recently acquired a Cannondale Prophet frame which I’m planning to slowly build up over winter. Having just received a set of tapered forks for it, I’m a little baffled as to what headset I need to use.

    Any ideas folks?

    You can use the Hope ones:

    1 x Hope Pick ‘N’ Mix Headset Cups (4) Top – 1.5″ – 1 1/8″ Step Down Traditional (49.57 dia)

    1 x Hope Pick ‘N’ Mix Headset Cups (F) Bottom – 1.5″ Traditional (49.57 dia)

    Premier Icon peteimpreza

    How deep is that bottom cup?

    Ideally the Prophet needs a deep bottom cup when not running a Lefty.


    I have a prophet with a tapered fork and use a superstar headset.
    I think it is this one
    The lower bearing lasted about a year before getting really gritty but then you can buy a new one for £7ish.


    Hmmm, i’ve just checked the bottom cup installed at the moment (1 1/8″) and it’s a whopping 18mm deep!

    The Superstar one claims to have a 12mm bottom cup but is OOS anyway.

    Thanks for the replies so far. Anyone else with any experience of this?

    The Hope one is deep enough depending on your forks.

    I can’t remember but I think you can reuse the existing cup with the right bearing. There are loads of threads on here if you have a search.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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