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  • Proper weatherproof pet doors
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    It’s blowing a hoolie outside and our useless staywell dog flap is going like a privy door when the plague’s in town.

    Anyone found a decent one that can actually stand up to the slightest breeze, doesn’t leak like a sieve when it rains and doesn’t cost several limbs like the petwalk one does?

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    they’re all cr@p then?

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    Only a cat flap, but we have a Sure Flap electronic one which reads the cats chip. So only releases the latch when he wants to come in or out.

    Old one use to bang about in the breeze but this has solved the problem (and keeps other cats out)

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    Nearly 30 years of different ones , not found a dog flap yet that doesn’t flap about in hoolie type weather . We just put the inner security piece in and the dogs stay indoors when the weathers bad .

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    Ours is leaking! Brand new stay well

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