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  • alaslas

    My hybrid was recently written off because some fule pulled out on me. Result=compensation/physio. But…

    I have a dilemma. Do I replace the hybrid cheaply or use an ancient MTB for commuting and baby carrying duties, or look for a do it all bike to replace either my road bike or MTB?

    I’m looking for something that could take a rack and a seat tube mounted baby seat for everyday duties but be fun off road or on road (I imagine it’s too much to expect both). Or maybe a geared rigid 29er would do some of all of that? And take a rack and baby seat?

    Ideally I’d just have one bike to do all of these things, but hybrids are not fun, nor can they do proper mtb duty.

    Suggestions within a reasonable budget would be appreciated to ease my aching brain!


    I’ve been tinkering with the idea of getting one of these for exactly those chores, commuting and child carrying. The diamondback peak 29er = £350
    not the best spec but reasonable enough.

    Premier Icon ton

    surly troll in 26”
    surly ogre in 29”

    truly 1 bike to c0ver all bases.


    Yeah, that diamondback was a thought, as was a Surly. Doubt I’ll have the money for the latter and with the former I thought, why not just get a hybrid as it’d be faster and it’s not as if I’d use it off road much. Aaaand, I’ve noticed 29ers don’t seem to accommodate baby seat mounts, too much rake…

    +1 for a Surly for versatility.

    I’ve got a Karate Monkey (shares geo with the Ogre) and a 1×1 (shares geo with the Troll!).

    The KM is fun to ride both on and off road with the right tyres.

    An Ogre or KM with a spare set of wheels with slicks (Big Apples are a hoot) would cover both hybrid and MTB bases and a few more.

    FWIW I’ve had a seat-tube mounted child seat on both without any problems. The KM has a curved tube but provided it’s mounted above the bend it’s fine.

    I picked up my KM off the classifieds here for £600 complete.


    Buy a proper transport bike for transportation duties, and an mtb for off road duties. No one bike does it all well. Buy the bike you need. Transport: mudguard, rack, hub gears and brakes, dynamo and integrated lights. That is not a bike you will be taking off road.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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