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  • anus

    So I bought an old steel frame to try and make a fixie out of, a bike as simple as possible, look sleek and sexy, that is the plan. I really like the look of this kind of thing and I would like to try and do something similar… (and I have never tried riding fixie)

    So here is a few photos, what do you think? It is nothing special but I liked the colour and the little details make it kind of interesting, on the other hand its an old steel frame so it is a bit of a heavy beast. A few questions….

    – Anyone have any advice on cleaning it? What should I use for the painted parts on the frame to make it all nice and shiny and even protect it? And same goes for the chrome?
    – Anyone have any idea about sizes of things? R.E the headtube, axles, seatpost etc, will it be all special/wierd old sizes (it is a french frame by the way) or will they be similar to current sizes?
    – Depending on the answer to the above question, where would I pick up the old parts?
    – Anyone recommend any nice flip/flop wheels? I would like some nice chrome ones 😆
    – What would you expect to pay for whats in the photos there?

    Premier Icon jameso

    French, centre-pulls and the braze-ons say it could be 650B frame. Same wheel OD as a 700x23C though so no probs as a fixie. BB will prob be french not BSA. Good nick, could make a nice bike.


    Gas pipe tubing, parts missing from brakes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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