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  • b r

    While bikes should be chosen on size (for kids and adults), don’t be tempted to buy one that they can ‘grow into’. If not careful they can quickly lose their confidence on a too big bike.


    The Rothan has been brilliant for getting my little lad on two wheels. The last few rides we’ve been on I’ve cycled alongside him as he’s scooted along.

    What are the options for a next bike – Islabikes cnoc 14? Anyone skipped straight to a cnoc 16 as son is pretty tall? What else is available – other than supermarket bikes

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    I would go to the Islabike Cnoc 14.
    The limiting factor is leg length and Islabike size chart is spot on.

    Thump is 4 1/2 and still happily bopping around on his Cnoc 14.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I thought Stoner Jr was ready to go to the Cnoc 14 aged 3 1/2 from the rothan, but even then he had to wait another month until his legs were long enough – there’s quite a jump to get even as far as the 14, 16 no chance.

    He got the hang of pedalling and balancing in about 30 minutes!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    We’re off over there on Sat. Our eldest, 5 in 6 wks time, is at top end of post height on his Cnoc14. Not sure on Cnoc16 or small Beinn 20″. Problem is reach as he has long arms.
    His little brother, just turned 3, has run out of height on his Rothan. He’s about ready for his big brothers Cnoc. I’m expecting Sat to be an expensive trip.


    Went from to a cnoc 16. But then my son was 3.5 and daughter 4 when they got pedals. Depends on height but my son still likes his Rothan to scoot about on. Just starting on jumps but the back pedal brake is not so good for that.


    We went from a Rothan to a Cnoc 14, it’s lasted a cuople of years, getting a Bein 20 for Christmas, I just need to decide on the large or small. As for what else is out there, I’ve found that once you start down the Islabike route, there is nothing else that is made to the same standard. Bear that in mind, it could get expensive!


    Cnoc 14 here too.

    Premier Icon Simon E

    Isla will advise you on sizing over the ‘phone if you measure your child’s height and inside leg length but a visit to the shop near Ludlow is an enjoyable experience.

    +1 to PTR’s comments about the quality. They don’t cost much more than run-of-the-mill bikes and are much better specced and finished. We’ve had Rothan, Cnoc 14 and Beinn 20 and they’re just brilliant. Other bikes of the same size they’re nowhere near as good and secondhand prices plummet while Islabikes retain their value. You really do get what you pay for.

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    Went straight to the cnoc 16. A shaky month or so till she got used to it, but now zipping about like a goodun. The logic was that the bigger wheels will roll better off road. Pretty sure we did the right thing. In retrospect we could have probably kept her on the Rothan for another 3 months or so.


    I’m with 360 (hello fella, you still oop Norf?) we went straight for a cnoc 16 for the same reason – especially with lots of rooty bits around the North Downs at the mo, it’s (slightly) harder for Mascy Jr to flip himself over the bars.

    Size is a consideration though – He well outgrew the Rothan & he’s not a short @rse. Our Rothan was one of the 1st without any brake which took a little getting used to before we put the pedals on too. Loving it now though. As he bounced down Summer Lightning on Leith Hill the other day he called out to Mrs Mascy & I ‘Summer Lightning ROCKS’!!

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