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  • PROG 2000 Creep!
  • In a few weeks time the great UK sci-fi comicbook weekly 2000AD will be at issue 2000!!

    I still pick up the odd issue now and again, and it’s still good stuff!

    There are a few signing days around the UK too, on oct 1st.

    Should be good!



    Shirley bin dun? IPC/ Fleetwood published prog 2000 dated 15th Dec 1999.

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    Was that not just a special issue to celebrate the millennium?

    yup, the one in a few weeks is 2000 proper like.


    Yeah; true. But as they’ve been publishing the Christmas/NY issue as the calendar year prog. (i.e. last Christmas was prog 2015), and it continues existing stories (unlike summer specials & comic book day issues) prog. 1984 could be said to have been the 2000th.
    Bah – get your space spinner off my synthi-lawn…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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