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  • Production Privee Shan GT – real user info wanted!
  • ossify

    Who has this?
    Do you like it?
    Anyone use it with 27.5+ tyres?
    etc etc etc

    It looks great (and sounds it from the STW review) but not entirely sure I want to buy such an expensive frame blind, never having ridden a 29er before (and only a short test ride on 27.5+). My current bike is 26″.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    I can’t fully comment as I’ve literally only had a car park test. I have the 27 Shan.

    Its owner is very impressed with it though. Remarks on the comfortable feel. Loves it with a 40mm stem. He has it 29″.

    I very much doubt you’d be disappointed.

    A dude from D&D cycles runs his 27 plus I think.

    There is an active production privee Facebook group. I’d ask on there.

    Incidentally, it’s sick in a car park! 😀

    Where abouts are you in this fine country ?
    I have one in 29 flavour.

    Premier Icon funkrodent

    Well, I have to admit that I’m also interested in this thread, though unlike Ossify above I’ve only pushed the button and gone and bought one. Guys from D&D sorted me out. Absolute pleasure to deal with, sold me a bottom bracket to go with it and the right invisframe kit, both of which they installed FOC. Frame arrived a few days ago with a box of mince pies thrown in as well! Can’t comment on the ride as its not been built up yet, but I’m as excited by it as my 2yr old contemplating a massive plate full of cake. I can say that it looks as good in the flesh as I’d hoped (blue and white Rothmans one) and the build quality is clearly superb. I’ll report back once I’ve ridden it!


    Got one here. What can I say other than I’ve not riden loads of 29er type frames but of the 5 or so,I’ve riden this is certainly the best all rounder. Got it set up with 120 ohlins forks mainly for the 10mm more xtra reach that gives I’ve got a140mm fork sat here if a fancy trying that at some point.
    Ride was I’m pretty fat and unfit at the moment due to injurys, but gotta say it climbs well as you’d hope but descending wise is probably one of the closes things to a 26er I’ve riden in a long time get round,over & though stuff unbelievable well tight twisty stuff is amazing for a clown bike I’ll even go out on a limb and say it’s as good if not better than my 27.5 Shan for stuff like that (South Downs woodland mind) I’ve not riden it in out and out anger due to injurys as I said but for me it’s only short fall is there still quit short in the over all top tube/reach department but then perhaps this is why it gets round stuff so well.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Looking at a 2018 purchase of one of these also. Im put off by the price of the 140mm Pike I’d like on it as a full build – a complete Bird Zero AM would be cheaper.


    littlelordfauntleroy – Member

    Where abouts are you in this fine country ?
    Salford, Manchester.

    as excited by it as my 2yr old contemplating a massive plate full of cake

    Ha I’m getting like that just thinking about it!

    I built one up around 4 months ago. Had a nuke proof scout before this for just over a year ( wanted the gt 1st but cost put me right off ) both built with similar parts and to be far I can’t tell that much difference.
    Gt is XL and the scout is s large . Booth feel similar size as the gt comes up small compared to scout.
    Both climb very well but i reckon the scout has it on this .
    Downs not sure which is best yet as had revs on scout and pike on gt .
    If your down derby way your welcome to have a try on it

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