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  • problems with my front door(house!!)
  • renton

    we had a new upvc door fitted to our house in the uk whilst we were still living in cyprus.

    i found the company through a website called ratedpeople and they seemed quite good.

    anyhow my father in law was there when they fitted the door and thought they had fitted it ok.this was dec 2007 btw and cost me £575

    anyway in the last year ive had to call them out twice , once for the sill not being fitted correctly and the second time the door wasnt cacthcing properly.

    anyway last week i had a chap round giving me a quote on some doubleglazing and he asked if i wanted a new front door. when i told him that one had been in only a year he said”your joking right” and then started to point out all the problems with it id not even noticed.

    the door is out of alignment and not square.
    the frame is not secured to the one side correctly and moves.
    the door is catching quite badly and marking the plastic.
    the bottom catch is still not catching
    all the plastic trims are coming away.
    there is a bout an deep of sealant underneath the sill (i was getting a draftand this is waht they did to cure it!!)

    so ive been trying to contact thie company who fitted it and they are not answering any calls or messages ive left for them!!

    what are my options with this as im not sure what to do now.


    Granted you have had problems with the door, but I wouldn’t respect the opinion of someone else trying to sell you another door. Get it independantly assessed by someone whose best interest isn’t in telling you it is cr@p.

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    Jeez, just call a joiner and get it fixed. Frame fixers, £5 a half dozen at Screwfix, frame sealant £3 a tube, (2 for the whole door, any more than that and you should be using sand and cement) Sounds like you need under the sill packing out, again sand and cement, possibly something like a couple of roof tiles as filler. Threshold, £10 or so if it needs replaced, and a 5m length of whatever trim needs replaced at about £12. Definitely should be the original company doing this, but looks like you’ve exhausted that route without getting all legal on them. Joiner should be able to sort it out in a couple of hours, depending on just how shonky it is, the alignment will be sorted by refitting, and the catches by ten minutes with a hex key.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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