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  • lodious

    Were you having problems with the previous box? We had problems a few years ago with reception,but only in the evening, turns out it was interference caused by a faulty streetlight across the road.

    No problem with previous box. Also, tends to happen at around 1000hrs, (though at other times too)

    Premier Icon woody2000

    Just as a general comment, I have a Sagem freeview box, and it freezes/locks up/does weird sh*t pretty regularly 😕 so it could just be the hardware.

    Replaced the set-top box with a Sagem one recently. However, several times over the course of an evenings viewing the signal (or maybe not the signal) appears to disappear. The frame freezes, though sound can still be heard, then it all switches off and then switches on again; having to re-tune to the channel i was previously on.

    I’ve checked and changed the scart leads, checked the tv aerial input; but it still occurs.

    Anyone have similar experiences or suggest solutions.

    Not sure whether it is an inherent problem with the set-top box or to do with local signal strength or something else.

    thoughts please.


    If its the one with a transformer, be aware 2 of mine started smoldering,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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