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  • Pro pedal home tune?
  • Premier Icon zippykona

    I’ve got an old shock I want to have a play with.
    Is altering the level of pro pedal something that the home bodger can do or is it a dark art that The Man is keeping to himself so he can sell Push Tunes?
    It’s a 2012 rp2.


    i thought the damper (which you’d have to disassemble) in those had a nitrogen charge in them. So if that is the case, its unlikely unless you happen to have that capability..


    do you have the kit to recharge the nitrogen? yes/no

    That is the answer to your question.

    Premier Icon zippykona

    That’s a big fat no then!


    I sold an early FSR (1995) for a plumber.

    He came back to me with the shock in bits wondering how to get it all back together after he’d modded it.


    You sold a early FSR for a Plumber !

    Sounds a good deal ! is he still making u a good wage


    As above, no needs to be charged with nitrogen and various other things set correctly, have had a few in that have been home ‘serviced’ usually resulting in a larger repair bill than a standard service 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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