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  • Pro Lite Merano Freehub issue and help
  • dobo

    My freehub has developed an issue and doesnt freely rotate, any freewheeling causes the chain to go mental and bounce around until it jams or comes off.

    Problem is i cant find anywhere that sells the freehub or the whole hub! oh yea its a shimano hub

    Hopefully someone on here knows where to get one.

    apparently the merano freehub is the same as the luciano freehub.

    If anyones rebuilt one and knows where to get a bearing kit that will be useful too.

    Otherwise i need a cheap rear wheel fast! got some cycling planned for weekend..


    Aftera bit of rooting around, seems it’s a Shimano compatible hub, not a Shimano hub, and runs on 4 cartridge bearings. I’d guess from that, that it’s a servicable item rather than a throwaway assembly, and that one(or both) of the bearings in the freehub body are seizing up and in need of replacement(or clean and re-grease as a temporary measure).
    Edit- try, or Ka-Tec for mail order bearings, or local bearing supplier or LBS for quicker/more expensive option.


    Alot of prolite hubs are actually novatecs

    Gonna stick a photo up?

    As coastsy says , they are servicable , another issue that would cause this is the pawls jamming due to a snapped spring…..thats what happened to ours grr


    Thank you both. i have a ride tonight but will see if i can get the thing apart. it sort of half rotates freely then stick quite hard so could well be what you describe trail rat.
    ill see if i can get any bearing numbers and pictures in next few days.
    Any links to novatech hubs welcome

    the wheels have been solid till now, and still true, fwiw ive had to change freehubs and bearings on mavics and hopes but there was more info and parts available for them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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