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  • Pro 2 Mavic 717 Hope Hoop tubeless conversion
  • excitable1

    Anyone managed to do a tubeless conversion on these. I assume it can only be done with the £50 Stans conversion kit rather than the cheaper hope version if its at all possible ?

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    From conversations with my LBS just done some mavic EX721, yellow tape a valve and some sealant works in most. Rim strips optional.


    Cheers – Was that the Hope conversion kit then (Comes with yellow tape and a valve) and you didn’t change your tyres for owt else then ?


    My 717 rims went up fine with just the yellow tape and some valves cut from some old inner tubes. Was on schwalbe tubeless ready tyres.


    Stans strips, one layer of yellow tape and tubeless ready NN’s.

    Struggled a little to seat the rear but the front went up fine and stayed up first time without sealant (not that I run it without).

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    I had some rim strips kicking about and used them for belt & braces approach.

    Not sure what tape you got, but I used the stans stuff the LBS had – it was a Friday pm with beer and BS job 🙂 Used new tyres as I had too much tread for local riding. There are a few variables with tyres etc. Best bet is to have a go and see what happens 🙂 Finding somewhere with a compressor will make life easier and someone who has done it before. As above my lbs is happy with the Fri PM beers so good time to play about in someone elses workshop.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My 717s weren’t close to working with yellow tape… I got a half-decent result with tape and BMX tubes but still burped frequently, and rolled right off once in a hard corner, not nice. So I sacked them and got proper tubeless rims, never looked back.


    Not 717 but got a result with the hope kit on 719.

    Two wraps of tape. Had to use a ghetto inflator to seat some new conti folders

    But all seems well now.

    Premier Icon eviljoe

    Not had the greatest luck with 717’s tbh, mainly go up, but plenty of burping…

    You’ll be wanting these

    and this


    Premier Icon nixie

    Got 717’s working fine. Removed rim tape and just used Gorilla tape. Been up for ages now. Were more of a faff than my 5.1’s but definitely possible.


    The 717 is pretty narrow so you’ll want something like this:

    I run 717s with a tubeless Spesh Storm/Captain combination on my hardtail and it’s behaved perfectly. I didn’t even need to use a compressor, it just inflated pretty nicely from a track pump.

    I use the normal Joes XC width strips on my XM719 equipped full suss bike.


    Did a conversion on a mate’s wheels the other week, these exact rims.

    5 wraps of this: which coincidentally is the tape Stan’s used to recommend before they started to make strips.

    We used these valves:

    Little trick is to take the valve cores out when doing first inflation and have them ready to F1 style refit. Helps you get loads more air in quicker and seat.

    We were using standard Minions and a track pump. Went straight up, used 2 cups of Stan’s fluid and have worked perfectly with no burping at all.

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