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  • Printer – Inkjet or Laser
  • highpeakrider
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    Hi Guys

    Looking for a new multifunction printer for holiday documents etc.
    Currently got an inkjet but as I don’t actually use it that much the jets block and its now useless. Don’t really need colour.

    So another inkjet or switch to black and white laser?

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    If it’s just for B&W, then laser. That’s exactly what I did.

    Got a wireless printer for about £50 and it’s superb.

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    If you really, really don’t need colour B&W laser wins hands-down. I’ve got an HP one that is still going strong after 13 years!

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    Given the requirements, I’d say laser. You can get a Samsung one for £50.

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    +1 for a laser. They just work, even if left alone for months. Better than heads blocking or ink drying out etc.

    Toner cartridges can be more expensive, but they last much longer. Check if any cheap compatible toner is available.

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    Our inkjet is going through it’s annual grind grind crunch which suggests that its dying, and is looking incredibly tempting. Colour wifi laser, <£100.

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    Home inkjets are a mugs game IMO. The “wet” part of the machine needs to be kept from drying out, which means either printing every day or having a re-circulation system like an industrial inkjet would have. I don’t know if any home printers have that, the cheapo ones you’ll get in PC World etc certainly won’t. Laser every time, probably B&W for simplicity/cost unless you actually need colour.

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    Mono laser deffo.

    Look at Brother, they’re cheap to buy and have cheap compatible toners readily available.

    I did a little analysis of various options factoring in the cost of replacement toners, brother came out on top. Some others may be slightly cheaper for the actual printer but you then loose out when you buy the first toner.

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    @rossburton that link shows as £114.98 for me.

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    About 10 years ago we were given an ancient HP laserjet, along with a box of toner cartridges. It’s been left in odd places around the house for years, no dust cover, just turned on and used sporadically.

    Still works perfectly every time. Only downside is no wireless printing so looking at ways to get that working.

    The HP inkjet that preceded it lasted about 3 months before lunching its internals and refusing to work.

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    Laser x1000.

    Don’t know what your budget is but a colour laser might be less than you think. I got a Brother HL-3140CW a couple of years ago and it’s been great. Currently £118 on Amazon.

    *though now realize you want multi function. I just kept my knackered inkjet multifunction around for scanning when I got the Brother.

    **EDIT; Realise I’ve duplicated what others have said so consider this a second recommendation for the HL-3140.

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    For holiday documents, get a colour laser.
    You might need maps, copies of your pasports, spare ID photos.

    If you can get a wifi printer, so much the better.
    FWIW, my Samsung is about 7 years old, gets turned on weekly, and although its not glitch-free, still does the job.

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    As others have said -laser is so !uch cheaper, faster and happier with sitting idle.

    Inkjets are pretty easy to clean – instructions abound on the internet’s. Basically remove print head sit in warm liquid dry replace. Then you have a colour option should you ever require it.

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    I can get colour but i’m limited on space and didn’t want to spend to much for something that will be used occasionally.

    So to fit in the space with colour this is the only one I can find. Depth is the issue

    394mm (W) x 304mm (D) x 234mm (H) –

    Black and White isn’t an issue as lots of choice with less than 350mm depth.

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    About 10 years ago we were given an ancient HP laserjet
    Still works perfectly every time. Only downside is no wireless printing so looking at ways to get that working.

    Get a jetdirect card and have it connected to you router.

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