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  • stumpyjag

    My company want to sponsor me for Mayhem and would like me to wear the company logo. Has anyone used any companies that print on cycle clothing? I have had a good look on line but I am looking for some good quality gear (especially shorts) as I am doing it solo. Thanks


    I’ve used Owayo in the past, good quality but think there’s a minimum order quantity. Can design it on line too !

    Premier Icon mikewsmith
    Comfy and easy to do, you should end up with about 20 sets….


    The champ sys bib shorts are well good, even the cheapest ones. Actually the jerseys are really nice forthe money too. Drawback being that iirc you have to order 10 jerseys to start your order off (any combination of sizes eg we got a couple of ladies, kids long sleeve and baggy/dh ones included in our minimum of 10 jerseys. Then whatever shorts/gilets etc on top.

    So you might need to persuade your company that they want to kit out more people than just you, (hey, what about a whole ‘vélo club de stumpyjag’ team? 😉 ) and for this they will be parting with the thick end of at least £350 even if they manage not to pay VAT

    Cheapo way will be to take a couple of plain jerseys down your local screen printers/stag and hen t-shirt place, -our ‘team’, (and I use the word in its loosest definition!) got a screen printing mate to do this many years ago for our first kit, but it doesn’t work too well long term with a lot of stretching, it cracks, wears and fades fast in mud/grit, and won’t work on bibshorts.

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    Pretty sure Endura do. Not sure of the minimum quantities.

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    endura do

    take a while though, might not be done for Mayhem + there is a minimum


    If it’s just for one rider have a look at Champ-sys as they do a bundle called CS1 specifically for that, you just need to order 5 items which can be different so you could get bib shorts and a coulple of different types tops/jackets to make up the 5. You pay a fair premium over ordering in bulk though but it maybe what you’re looking for.!cs1/c5mf

    The other option is buy some plain kit and get it printed. I’ve used blade printing in the past as they specialise in printing on lycra kit but there are probably others who offer a similar service


    Thanks for all the info

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