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  • Prince Andrew, what a cowardly little ****.
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    It was a police officer who took the documents, which the other side said meant they were served. The judge hasn’t decided if they were served but did make a remark about it pointlessly wasting a lot of time and money arguing about it and required the lawyers to appear in person at the next hearing, and allowed the claimant to serve again if they wished to.

    Didn’t answer the question. Convenient.

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    Here’s a question for you, do you think OJ Simpson was guilty?

    Not so fun fact… that dodgy so and so Alan Dershowitz, who was himself implicated along with Epstein and negotiated the plea deal that meant Epstein could still live the high life after his initial conviction (after which Prince Andrew continued to visit), was also on OJ Simpson’s defence team.

    Dershowitz also arranged for private investigators to dig dirt on many of Epstein’s victims so they could be intimidated and discredited…

    Of course, there’s much talk about due process and the rule of law, but many seem to be forgetting that much like diplomatic immunity (not forgetting that most of MI6s work will be dealt with via embassies around the world) intelligence services (who have oh so many questions to answer in all of this) are above the law; so much so in fact, that whilst everyone was losing their shit about covid, new laws were introduced to further protect their right to break the law

    Undercover informants working for the police and MI5 are going to be explicitly permitted for the first time under British law to commit crimes.

    The unprecedented legislation to authorise and oversee crimes comes after years of unclear rules over when these agents can break the law.

    The law will not specify exactly which crimes can be committed.

    Which agencies will be able to authorise secret crimes?

    MI5 and other intelligence bodies
    Police forces and the National Crime agency
    Immigration and Border Officers
    HM Revenue and Customs, Serious Fraud Office
    UK military forces
    Ministry of Justice (investigations in prisons)
    Competition and Markets Authority, Environment Agency, Financial Conduct Authority, Food Standards Agency, Gambling Commission and Medicines and Healthcare Regulation Authority

    It would be foolish to assume that Prince Andrew (or Ghislaine Maxwell, or Jeffrey Epstein) has had no dealings with the intelligence services throughout his life

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    The High Court will server the papers if necessary


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    where someone MIGHT find themselves accused of criminal activity where they’ve perhaps been stupid rather than criminal.

    Stupidity isn’t a defence and doesn’t negate criminality. If it was the vast majority of criminals wouldn’t be convicted.

    None of us know if Andrew is innocent or guilty. What I do know is that refusing to give evidence after saying you would help in any investigation and then conducting a televised interview that makes you look like you’re guilty of all the crime isn’t a great start.

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