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  • Prickly heat
  • dumbbot

    Well this is just champion, I moan about how it rains all the bloody time in this country and the minute we get some nice sun I’ve only gotten myself the worst case of prickly heat rash i have ever had.

    Since Saturday I am covered in the stuff, neck, arms, creases of the arms legs. Apart from taking anti histamines, staying cool, Aloe Vera etc It’s a complete nightmare, I can’t sleep.

    Send helps I want to claw my skin off.

    When my lad had it bad (swim camp in Majorca), they ended up giving him antibiotics. Worked a treat.

    antihistamines helped at first.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Take full strength piriton at night (makes you drowsy) and non-drowsy during the day. Bit of anthisan cream on the worst bits.


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    Was bad enough yesterday but a mega hot & sweaty day at work in flame retardant clothing means I feel like I’ve just rolled naked in a bed of stinging nettles, going to see how long I can stand under an almost cold shower.

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