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  • Pricing help please on three bikes?
  • chilled76

    Hiya folks,

    Need to raise some cash and not sure which one/ones to sell.

    I know the answers will be “less than you would think”

    But a guide from others would be helpful…

    Bike 1

    Banshee Spitfire 2012 Medium in immaculate condition Kashima rp23
    Fox 32 150mm rlc FIT (3 rides old)
    Stans flow on pro11 (2 rides old) running hans dampf front and Nobby nic rear (tubeless).
    Sram x9 3×9 mechs and shifters(cassette and chain 3 rides old).
    Thomson stem
    Reverb (2 rides old)
    Juicy 7’s (4 rides old).
    Bike is in superb condition with many of the parts nearly new.
    Got a full bushing kit in packet to be included (or can fit if a buyer would require).

    Bike 2

    18″ On-On summer season in decent condition, no dents or cracks.
    Formula RX
    XT Cranks
    Sram XX mechs (front is locked in position so only middle ring at front being used)
    Sram X9 10 speed shifter
    10 speed mech and chain 3 rides old
    Mavic crossland wheels running UST high rollers tubeless (tyres are 1 ride old).

    Bike 3

    Classic late 80’s Raleigh racer Reynolds 753 tubing can’t remember size in CM and it’s raining between me and the garage at the min but it rider of about 5ft10.
    Mid noughties campag daytona throughout
    Really good condition, beautiful looking classic tour bike.

    Any rough guides on what you’d expect to price at and get would be great?

    I know I could get more if I split but don’t want the hassle of it.

    Thanks for any advice in advance


    Premier Icon rickon

    I wouldn’t be asking which is the easiest to sell, or most valuable. I’d be asking which one I don’t ride as much, then sell that one first.

    Break down as parts, and sell individually for best return.

    Simples. Innit.


    +1 for splitting then selling piece by piece, worth the effort!


    Bike 3 would be about £3-400, depending on condition. I’d try and sell it on the CTC forum or retrobike if I were you. Is it a touring bike or a racing bike? 753 and Daytona suggests racing. And I wouldn’t split it. I might actually be interested…


    Thanks Tired,

    I was thinking about £400-500 for the racer but as I said in original post I’m aware most people over value their kit.

    If you genuinely are interested I might part with it for £400… Drop me an email if you were serious and I’ll sort you some pics out.


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