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  • lambchop
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    Looking to up my Pressure Washer game. I have a small hand me down Karcher which does a job. However we had a big sandstone slab patio laid a couple of years ago which needs jetting at least twice a year. With the baby Karcher it’s a long old job. Have seen a petrol washer in Aldi and I’m quite tempted. Any opinions? Should I stick with a leccy washer maybe a bigger Karcher, K2?

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    gold standard for electric is the Kranzle. I have a petrol for portable but the kranzle K7 I have is much much better, not cheap mind.

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    If you are doing large areas like patio then a proper patio scrubber attachment is well worth getting. Makes a hard job very easy.

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    K4 with the wand scrub attachment..

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    another tick for Kranzle
    Built to last for professional use , not jet washing the mud from your wheel arches ttwice a year
    Had Bosch before , that was a good one too
    Karcher rotating patio attatchment thingy is very effective , even if you burn out the motor using it

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    I’ve used a Lidl/Aldi petrol one. It is a faff to get it started, and very noisy. Electric is a lot simpler, and works just as well.

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    Check the duty cycle. Some cheap pressure washers are 10 minutes on, 30 minutes off. Depends what you are using it for, some cheap ones will die very quickly if you use them to clean a drive in one go, but would last for years washing the car on a Sunday.

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    I just bought the small Halfords own brand this week. £45 with a trade card, 50 without. No fancy attachments or anything.

    Today I’ve just blasted a double driveway, side alley and a backyard in one go. Probably hasn’t been done in the 11 years since the house was built. The whole thing was absolutely black with slime and moss. It looks mint now.

    Pretty hard going, I was out there for about 4 hours but the little fella didn’t miss a beat. After the workout it got today I’m sure it’ll handle the cars and bikes no problem.

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    The cheap ones will do the job, but for how long ?

    I have an old Halfords HP 2000 (spendy at the time) that’s been washing the cars for over 10 years. I’ve just found a replacement hose as the other was getting tatty, but spares are hard to find if not a Karcher.

    My washer blasts the decking clean no issues. My son has the new Karcher K4 and that’s a good bit of kit. The new Karchers do ‘snow foam’ if that’s your thing…. The local kids love it when my son ‘snow foams’ the car, as they can splosh about in the suds.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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