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  • Pressing dilemma and basic computer routery help needed please(a twofer)
  • Premier Icon somouk

    Unfortunately as you’ve found it’s not as simple as just buying a router… so you’ll need to give us some more information.

    How does your broadband currently come in and how is it connected to the XBOX?

    aha, sorry, didn’t think to put the relevent bits.
    Virgin cable jobby, up till now we’ve had an ethernet cable running from each machine and been plugging whichever was being used into the modem. I gather there’s something to do with have multiple IP thingies (addresses?) and the internet account only allowing for one, though I’ve probably misunderstood that.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Agree to pay half of new XBox. Volunteer to dispose of old XBox. Sell on ebay. Make profit.

    It was only a £50 emergency buy last year, and in fairness probably hasn’t got much life left anyhow, so I’d just pass it through the family hand-me-down network. Waste like this annoys me though – why spend a sizeable chunk of cash without at least having a tinker with it first. Especially as the internet’s so good with How To videos.

    So, I’m still undecided about how best to rub in the folly – pure declaration, or maybe wiring the old one up to the spare telly saved in the loft and practice my nonchalant “why’ve we got two?” expression?

    Premier Icon somouk

    If you are using Virgin then you should be able to take the cable from the back of the Modem into a wireless router with no issues. You may need to reboot the modem and then make sure the next thing you plug in is the router.

    The only issue is if you bought an ADSL router and not a standard wireless router.

    Also make sure you are plugging the Modem into the WAN port on the router if it has one.

    Good day to you STW,
    Part 1
    To set the scene, when I got up on sunday afternoon my housemate (henceforth affectionately referred to as Asshat)was mooning around disconsolate that “the xbox is knackered” and he couldn’t spend the day shouting at his brother on-line. Turns out it wouldn’t read the game disc, so rather than trying another game he ran down to the shops for a replacement copy (which still wouldn’t work).

    After he moped off to bed, I blew air down the loading tray and spent a smug evening gaming, meaning to have a good laugh at his expense whenever we next ran into each other. I returned home last night to find Asshat’s been out and bought a brand spanking new one, without giving the old one a just-in-case try.

    The dilemma being: how much do I point and laugh?
    There’s bound to be the allegation that I should’ve told him it was working. Plus, the form is that we go halves on this kind of purchase (stops rows about who gets priority), but spending half-of-however-much on something we don’t need irks me.

    Part 2
    I bought a router in haste last weekend, as lounge/telly/xbox would be monopolised by the aforementioned, so that i’d at least be able to potter around the internet. Turns out it’s not so simple as “link internet, pc and xbox to router and have fun”. Does anyone have any remedy for this that a dullard would understand? I’ve flicked around solutions on various tech sites, but the terminology’s alien to me. Hence resorting to the internet’s other IT knowledge repository…

    Grateful for any help, there’s only so long i can spend out on the bike at the weekend – if I can’t piss away hours lurking on here then I’ll have to resort to DIY. Nobody wants that.

    aha! It turns out that in haste and idiocy I’ve in fact bought completely the wrong thing (I am shamed). Thank christ that Asshat never remembers to empty the bin by the computer, so can hopefully exchange it.

    Thanks to above for actually making me look at what I’d bought

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