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  • Prescription sunglasses reglazing – recomendations
  • Premier Icon IHN
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    I snapped my riding glasses on Wednesday, balls, but I’ve been needing a new pair for a while anyway as the prescription’s really old.

    I’m a great fan of buying some cheapy frames and getting them reglazed by one of the online places, and a number of times I’ve used Reglaze Glasses Direct, but their prices seem to have crept up and they’re not the bargain they once were.

    So, has anyone used anyone else that they’d recommend?

    (and I know my local optician could do it, but they’ve just had a frankly disgusting amount of money from me for my everyday wear glasses, and I’m not prepared to spend anything like that on riding specs)

    Premier Icon weeksy
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    I’ve used 1-2 places, but none seem better or worse than the others… it all comes down to which options in terms of anti-scratch, glare, etc gives you the best deal at the time.

    Extreme Eyewear and Opticians Direct have been 2.

    Premier Icon slowjo
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    Optilabs have been pretty good IME.

    Premier Icon footflaps
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    I use

    Not sure what the current prices are as both my riding sets are quite old (and scratched) now!

    Premier Icon markoc1984
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    I’ll second Optilabs, used them several times and thought that the lenses were actually better than the glasses I’ve got from the local opticians.

    Premier Icon esselgruntfuttock
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    Ok I’ll say it.
    I’ve had both prescription varifocal sunny’s & varifocal inserts on my Rudy Project’s with absolutely no trouble.
    Ok, they got the inserts wrong the 1st time but soon sorted it are spot on now.

    Premier Icon joebristol
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    All 3 pairs of glasses I’ve had done have been the company you mention in the op.

    Latest ones I bought some Rad8 frames (£15) to try on at home. Then found out they literally only do photocromic lenses. Wanted clear polycarbonate lenses just with anti scratch / anti glare coating. So sent them to reglaze glasses direct. Superb job and they’ve turned out well good. Think it was £85 for the glazing.

    Premier Icon northernsoul
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    I used RxSport for my Rudy Projects and have been very happy – though they were expensive. They are varifocal and photochromic (Gen 8) with an anti-glare coating and have been absolutely spot on. I’ve never regretted the cost given the resulting benefits in terms of ride enjoyment. I like that Asda suggestion though – I might look in to that next time.

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