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  • Prescription riding glasses – suggestions?
  • Premier Icon igm
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    Clear, ambers and/or shades.

    I got prescription Oakley sunglasses and they are a revelation for road riding – far better than contacts and sunglasses.

    But expensive for gritty off road.

    And the nights are drawing in and I’ll need clear ones soon.

    Current standard glasses no good for riding.

    What’s good out there?

    Premier Icon IHN
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    Cheap sunglasses frames of your choice, reglazed by Reglaze Glasses Direct or whatever they’re called these days (were Ciliary Blue)

    Premier Icon scuttler
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    If you have prescription sunglasses already, just get clear and just work to a budget as presumably you’ll have the option to pay safety glasses prices rather than sunglasses tax.

    Me – I have transitions, compromises made, but I bloomin love em for any and all bike rides (rain, shine, day, night) and general playing out and will certainly buy another pair when these die or get lost.

    Premier Icon loum
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    I’m interested in this too.
    Especially any tips for what glasses frames grip your head and stay on.
    My sunglasses are ok, they have rubber bits on nose and temples and never fall off. But they’re properly dark and won’t be much use at the start and end of the day. They’re also kind of big, too big to just glaze clear without looking like a weird bug monster.

    My glasses seem to be made of Teflon and slip off as soon as I move my head.
    Are there any “normal” glasses frames that have worked well for people that have that grip to your head?

    Small head, btw.

    Premier Icon former8ball
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    Oakley Half Jackets here. Use them both on and off road, and swap between clear & tinted lenses depending on the weather. Had them about 15 years now, and only had to replace the clear lenses once, about 5 years ago as they delaminated a bit. I’ve also been lucky in that my prescription hasn’t really changed in that time, so haven’t needed to change lenses for that reason.

    Premier Icon andrew77
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    I get them custom made with my optician. My prescription is a bit complicated and consists of both spherical and cylindrical lenses. Hence no brand has ready made prescription glasses for me. My optician did a neat job explaining about my glasses.
    Learn about your Glasses Prescription

    Premier Icon aP
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    A lot depends upon how strong and/or complicated your prescription is.

    Premier Icon Fat-boy-fat
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    My usual recommendation to this thread … Rad8. Indestructible, great anti fog, fit well. Not as good as Oakley in terms of optics but, nowhere near as expensive. I don’t think I’d be comfortable riding with Oakleys but my Rad8 specs have made me effectively give up contact lenses as they are so good.

    Premier Icon johnw1984
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    I’ve got some prescription transition lenses in some cheap frame at the moment, but they’re awful in anything but bone-dry conditions.

    Which Rad8 would you recommend @Fat-boy-fat ?

    I get £250 a year from work for glasses (which happens to renew in August), so I’m tempted to give some a go.

    I like wearing contacts, but hate getting them in and out! My prescription is pretty mild too, so shouldn’t be too difficult.

    Sorry for the hijack 🙂

    Premier Icon dudeofdoom
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    I’m currently er rocking Oakley crossrange ‘switch’ with lenses done by

    Reglaze Glasses Direct or whatever they’re called these days (were Ciliary Blue)

    They really do some interesting mirrored/transition tints.

    @loum Wide rubbery replaceable arms and nose grips and i think you can get in a few widths.

    Premier Icon spooky_b329
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    When I last contacted Cillaryblue aka reglaze direct, I had two or three frame options to send in and they said none were compatible…Presumably as the standard plastic lenses clip into a groove, and that groove would be too narrow for any prescription lens

    Proper glasses tend to have thin frames and the lens itself is grooved.

    I’ll look up the Rad8 option but also interested if anyone had got cheaper frames reglazed

    Premier Icon downshep
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    I used Reglaze Glasses Direct and am more than happy. Bought some comfortable Bloc sunnies in TK Maxx. Sent them off to RGD for a “thin and light transitions varifocal grey tint coated” conversion for half wot my optician wanted and voila, they just work. They do require selfies to show your pupillary distance but otherwise as straightforward as could be hoped for. The big thing was choosing my own comfy frames before letting them do the rest. Oakley and Optilab just don’t fit me. I’ve added Decathlon neoprene retaining straps, which provide some cushioning at the ears and prevent movement on stuttery descents. So good, I don’t think about them.

    Premier Icon Fat-boy-fat
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    @johnw1984 … I’ve got the previous version of the 504 glasses with photochromatic lenses. My prescription is about -3.5 on average. The anti fog is amazing. It takes a really wet day and in an incredibly steep hill for them to fog up at all and that disappears as soon as I get above walking pace.

    Premier Icon markwsf
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    I got a pair of Rudy Projects glazed with transition lenses with a brown/gold mirror colour and they’re great.

    For nighttime riding they go completely clear, but in the daytime they just look like normal riding glasses.

    Expensive, but one pair does everything and they were partially for commuting which would often be riding in and out of work in dark / light respectively so multiple pots would have been a pain. They also saved some money in the contact lenses I would have otherwise worn only to put normal riding glasses on over the top.

    Premier Icon loum
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    Thanks dude of Doom.
    Actually, thanks all.
    Lots of good information on this thread to help.

    Premier Icon northernsoul
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    I recently spent some of my PPI money on photochromic prescription varifocals from Rxsport (Tifosi frame, direct glaze). They cost about £350, so expensive and more than I would usually consider (without the PPI money), but they have been worth every penny. Comfortable enough to wear all day and very effective – especially for middle distance viewing for e.g. line selection – but also for short distance (mapping) and long distance (views) with no fuss. I’m saving for my next prescription… don’t want to go back to anything else.

    Premier Icon mick_r
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    I use prescription safety glasses – Bolle and Uvex do some reasonably sporty ones. It also means they will have been CE tested for things smacking you in the face 🙂

    For a fairly simple prescription they were about £80-90. I’m using model no. 5510 at the moment

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