Prepayment electricity meters – how much?

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  • Prepayment electricity meters – how much?
  • Premier Icon wonny j

    How much does electricity typically cost on a prepayment meter?

    Standard tariffs are about 13-14p/kWhr but how much of a premium for prepayment?

    This is for a work related feed in tariff question.


    The power company websites will have the current tariffs


    Prepay meters are the most expensive way to buy power, I know that much. (Well they used to be, and by a long way too)

    Premier Icon PePPeR

    It’s about 30% more than the cheapest tariff you could get by going online, the house we just moved into had a smart meter (yeah smart idea for the electric companies). The cheeky company I was with even wanted £70 to change it over to a normal meter! Needless to say I have changed companies and had the meter removed for free.


    We have just moved into a house that has them. (Getting them changed ASAP!) They are running at 24p per KWH. Plain old theft.


    PP +1

    (usually) Used by the poorest in our society who are then charged the most for there trouble…


    I think we pay about 22p/kWhr, but the pricing structure may as well be written in japanese on the insode of an egg, buried in burning tar for all the sense it makes.

    Premier Icon wonny j

    24p/kWhr !!!!!!

    That is outrageous. I was anticipating about 15-16p/kWhr. I think there is a lot of variation between companies offering prepayment rates.

    I have had a little look on some power company websites, lots of pages but little information.


    The utility should have removed any surcharge for prepayment and the rate should be comparable with other standard customers.

    Although this did exist in the past…

    Also, if the meter is set to charge more than is published on the website then it will need to be reset.

    13.25p/kWhr for mine with Atlantic. last time i looked around it seemed similar to anything i could get on a normal tariff (admittedly no free gifts though.)

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