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  • nigew

    I got paid for a few bits and bats through Paypal so used the print postage facility, My wife then took them to our local PO wher the guy behind the counter kicked up a real fuss, he was livid as he stated that he didnt get paid for them and was working for nothing!
    He eventually took them when she bought a packet of cigarettes.
    I always thought that as the Postmaster, or whatever their called now, you recieved a salary from Royal Mail even though the counter might part of another shop.
    Is he correct or just having a bad day?

    Premier Icon Pook

    Don’t get me started on this. My company use smart stamp, which allows you to print your own stamps. For specials, you still need to get them recorded at the post office. I took some in and got the same response as you from the woman behind the counter.
    I simply replied that she may be losing custom due to her plain disregard for customer service and told her she was legally obliged to take them as as a Royal Mail representative. That’s what the stamp is for whether you buy it from them or not.

    No wonder they are closing down.

    Ebay and the like have brought so much extra work into the post offices (according to our friendly normal postmaster, Jasper), and yet you still get this kind of reponse for using their service.


    I’m currently having a massive bout of eBay selling (time on my hands due to redundancy 🙁 ) and have, over the past couple of weeks taken 30-40 parcels to the post office, all prepaid. The ladies there have always been lovely and helpful even when they’re busy.

    I have changed from the other one round the corner who used to sneer at me whenever I did the same thing.

    I might be wrong / out of date but I think it used to be that you got paid something like £30k per year to have a PO counter in your shop and then you staff it yourself. There may be some commission element in there too as busier counters would need more staff.



    I’ve been in the same situation.

    Snotty postmaster moaning about not getting paid.

    Then I thought how would I feel in the same situation. Also what would happen if everyone did likewise, then the local PO would go out of business, then I’d have to drive miles to a RM depot.

    So now I pay my local post office rather than paypal, a bit more hassle, but the right thing to do imho.


    I used to use a relatively large post office at which I had no qualms about doing the on-line payment thing. Since moving house I now use a small village post office and try and pay at the counter whenever possible. Given that they accept payment by card this is seldom a big issue. Although I don’t know how it works, I’ve always suspected that there is some comission / per transaction fee.


    I know what you mean richpips,
    but if they do get a salary surely they are being paid anyway?


    but if they do get a salary surely they are being paid anyway?

    I guess that an element of their salary is income based, hence their annoyance.

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