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  • It’d be a big loss for the Premiership, he’s a fantastic player. Everything that Gerrard should have been IMO.

    Come of it. Fibreglass is a great player, but in what way is he ‘everything Gerrard should have been’? Talk rubbish ffs… 🙄

    When is Wenger going to retire? Arsenal are financial stable, a fiscal model for all to follow and utterly unsuccessful. It’s a constant disappoint to watch a team with such a positive ethos constantly **** things up.

    It’s cos he keeps trying to create teams that play beautiful football, whilst forgetting you need a few proper warriors in the squad. None of that team bar praps Fibreglass have the real bottle that’s needed to be able to grind out a result against someone like Bolton on a wet miserable December weekend. Too many primadonnas in the team. Too many ‘loads of promise’ but ultimately no fight players like Arseshaving and Walcott. Fragile little boys who can’t hack it against nasty thugs like Bolton.

    Liverpool will be a team to watch next season for sure. A few new players, and with Dalglish at the helm, other teams must be cacking it already. Pity they ran out of steam in the last couple of games, but some decent youngsters in the side, great new talent like Suarez and Carroll, and players like Merrylees and even Rodriguez showing their true form, and after the disaster that was Woy’s weign, the Reds are once again looking like contenders. As it should be ffs.

    Someone’s got to knock those Mancs off their perch….


    Gutted that Blackpool went down, but Utd weren’t going to surrender that home win record, draw would have worked for me, not sure it would have been enough in the end.
    Poor season by Utd’s standards, but then nobody else stepped it up, where would Chelsea have been if they hadn’t sacked Wilkins…………..

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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