Prague stag weekend?

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  • Prague stag weekend?
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    Anyone been and was it any good? Planning one for march for about 10 30ish year olds and Prague is the favourite so far.

    Talinn is pretty good. prague can be expensive unless you know where to go. another option is Krakow as it too is cheaper than Prague

    its nice city – all he usual stuff for stags. Too many stag do’s though. Been on 3 there – all different and i’d recommend

    noticed big difference in price between the first and last time I went

    pleas dont go and **** up some one else’s country they **** hate stag party’s.. though i know of some one that **** his marriage before it started as he hired a prostitute for a few hours a mate took a picture and sent it to his misses, wedding did not happen..

    as he hired a prostitute for a few hours a mate took a picture and sent it to his misses, wedding did not happen..

    ha ha .

    You can very very easily get in trouble in Prague. 🙂

    pleas dont go and **** up some one else’s country they **** hate stag party’s

    I’m sure the amount of money tourism of this sort brings in offsets some of the short-term problems a few inconsiderate men cause.


    I’ve been to Krakow twice, highly recommend the place. Although they don’t like groups of British and make it difficult to get into the better clubs and bars. We had to split into groups of 2’s and 3’s to get in.

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    I’m not expecting it to be really cheap. I heard about £1.60 a pint depending on where you go. Don’t mind bumping into other stag do’s either. Just as long as it isn’t full of rough arsed chavs looking for a fight.


    Why do you have to go abroad? I really don’t get stag/jen stuff. In fact most of the ‘away’ stag parties I’ve known if have usually ended up in potentially relationship destroying behaviour. Is it really that hard to keep your knob in your trousers?


    pleas dont go and **** up some one else’s country they **** hate stag Party’s



    I know lots of people go to Prague for Stag and Hen parties, but when I was there it really didn’t strike me as that sort of place. I never saw any main bar street or similar, just decent pubs with microbreweries tooked away down side streets.

    If you do go to Prague and visit some of the special night clubs, for gods sake make sure all of you keep the little paper ticket they give you when you go in. You won’t get out alive without it.

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    no.. Budapest.. the ladies are hot.. and all want to talk to english speakers.. fantastic spa baths great beers and wine.. and cheap. what more do you want.

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    I’ve been to Krakow, it was lovely and just full of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. Seriously, the signal to noise ratio is incredible.

    I was on a stag do and, whilst the group was mostly well behaved, there were a couple of stereotypical ‘Brits on the piss tour’ types, and I was just ashamed at the impression they were making. I tried to disassociate myself as much as possible.

    We were far from the only ones, either. The locals must hate us.


    Did Prague as a lads weekend a few years ago now….thoroughly enjoyed it.

    If you go to the city centre you will get lured into the big strip clubs and fleeced, the beer wont be that cheap and the girls will be trying the ‘hard sell’ tactics….unpleasant.

    The food was great, the Czechs see themselves as an up and coming middle class nation and take pride in their food and drink….the beer in particular is world class.
    In the first bar we went to they had Stella on draught which was about the same price as here….we quickly switched to the local brews which were nicer anyway and less than £1 for 500ml (pint is 568ml for reference).
    The architecture is incredible…stark soviet style utilitarian buildings interspersed with classical Gothic buildings make for an incredible atmosphere when its all lit up in the evening.

    We found a delightful strip club on the outskirts of the city which was small and cosy, the girls were stunning and didnt try the hard sell.
    As 4 fairly polite young men we were a stark contrast to the boorish, older Germans that you find in a lot of the clubs and as a result the girls in the club spent most of the evening chatting to us between doing their turns on the stage….no money was exchanged and no hints at prostitution were made, we were perfect gentlemen and they seemed genuinely nice….so much so that when we enquired as to skiiing in the Czech republic they offered to take us out of the city the following day and show us some resorts, we took them up on the offer and again no money changed hands and nothing seedy was ever suggested….what i’m getting at is that if you go to somewhere like Prague looking to get pissed and shag whores then you’ll be treated as a money machine and fleeced accordingly….if you’re pleasant and normal you’ll have a far better time.

    As a comparison i went to Riga the following year with one of the guys i went to Prague with but unfortunately he invited some of his uni mates who were intent on upholding the British lager lout stereotype and it was something i will never repeat.

    Hoping to go back this year with the other half.

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