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  • TrekEX8

    We want a gas fire in our lounge – but the only option is a ‘power flue’ version.
    Anyone got one?
    Are they noisy?
    Let me know what you think…..


    they aren’t to noisy, you get used to the hum 🙂

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    fire installer with a power flue at home.. DONT GO ANYWHERE NEAR ONE..

    aside from the why do you want a gas fire issues.. imagine this scenario..
    would you drill a very large hole in your living room wall directly outside?
    rather than freeze to death from the wind coming through it would you then install various baffles in an effort to eliminate that discomfort..
    would you then install a 7kw space heater to warm the room or will you fit a 3.6kw decorative effect appliance

    the bottom line is when ever the thing is turned off ( which is 99% of time) cold air will enter your living room. if when the thing is off you put a thermostat on the fire bed the temp differential is / can be enourmous

    i have taken 2 out so far this month to eliminate the draughts.. Mine is capped off and the flue bricked up but the firelplace remains for decoration only..


    Errrm for balance…. We have one for a coal looking fire (not one of the naff 70’s plastic ones but one of the naff 2000’s looking ones with ‘real’ lumps).

    It whirs a bit, looks nice, avoids my wife putting the heating on for a few more weeks and we don’t notice any drafts. The flue exits into a sheltered corner so that may be why. We run ours on bottled Propane as we don’t have mains gas here.

    Caveat: I’m not an installer just a boggo installee…


    Interesting stuff………..


    Total shell, we want a gas fire to keep the lounge toasty – what would you suggest?


    I’ve got one – fairly modern type as the house is only about 6 years old. Hate it and never have it on. Makes a right noise and hardly seems to chuck out much heat. Can’t wait to pull the bloody thing out and put a wood stove in there!


    Trek – a radiator and proper controls.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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