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  • batfink

    I’ve just bought a Charge Duster as a bit of a new-year project to build-up with all the random bits of kit that I have accumulated.

    The paintwork has seen better days, and I was looking at getting it powdercoated before building it up.

    Can anyone recommend a powdercoater in the southeast? Apparently results can be highly variable so would love an “STW approved” one!


    Try woodsman on here or maybe enigma.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm


    I’ve not had a bike frame done by him but all the jobs he’s done for me have been excellent. Last items were some grilles for my Elise. When I went to collect the boss inspected them and wasn’t happy with one. He refused payment for any of them and sent the recoated item in the post, again for free. In his workshop there will be anything from bike frames, chopper frames, alloy wheels, even an Aero engine!

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    Enigma use a bloke in Newhaven for their blasting and he blasted and powdercoated a frame for me too;

    South Coast Blast Cleaning
    Transit Rd, Newhaven BN9 0BB
    01273 515513 ?

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    Armourtex in Hackney did a good job on my inbred c£70 for frame and old rigid forks with lacquer, all threads clean and didn’t need to do any masking. The guy on the front counter recognised it as an inbred straight away and said he had just got an alfine 11 speed so fairly conversant with bikes.


    Second Armourtex in Hackney (The Birthplace of Gods). Seen loads of Armourtexed frames round and about, some stunning paintjobs they’ve done, and proper tough too, apparently. And unlike most powdercoating places, they really know how to look after bike frames. The bloke who started the frame coating service is a cyclist himself.

    They can do stuff like bars, stems, rims and other bits too, for just a few quid extra.


    treston finishers
    a1 coatings

    in southampton both good.


    Thanks all…. all very helpful indeed! Now just to decide on the colour 😀


    Second recom. for South Coast Blast.
    He’s done two frames for me and several for friends and they are all very happy.

    £40 gets you a bead blast and matt/gloss black. Anything more colourfull will be more cash.

    To pbloke as well.


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