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  • piemann

    Anyone from Manchester had a frame powdercoated locally?

    Who did you use and how much did it cost?


    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    I posted much the same sometime earlier this year.

    Nothing much came up in Manchester (i.e. in terms of places used), but someone did recommend a place somewhere like Halifax or Huddersfield. Neither are that far away, so might be worth a shot. I’ll see if I can find the thread.

    Oh, and I haven’t got any further with getting my frame done, so do post up if you have any joy.

    EDIT: this is the thread: http://www.singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/pwerder-coaters-in-manchester#post-18805

    Theres a place in Walkden called Atlantic Boulevard or somert, they advertise in Cycling weekly.


    Near enough, its Bury!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    check out these guys in manchester city centre

    Gbob and the Hippy Bikes

    They have contact with powdercoaters for refinishing frames that are brought in for rebuilding.

    Nice bunch of guys too 🙂


    Colourtec Wigan


    Ok, I did a quick search and made a couple of calls and for the bargain price of £35 you can get a frame sandblasted and a single powdercoat put on it.(white – in this case)

    Details are:
    North Manchester Powder Coatings?
    Meadow Industrial Estate
    Failsworth, Manchester, Oldham, M35
    0161 688 6806

    Ask for a dude named Tony.

    I’ll give it a go (sometime in the near future) and report back here on how it looks.

    For info, I used Specialist Coatings in Halifax once on my Cotic and it was a good job for £40 but they’re more used to powdercoating playground equipment etc and it shows when compared to my Blur 4X which I’ve just had done by Triple-S in Bingley which looks bloody amazing in comparison!

    £90 for the full frame including all bearing surfaces etc being masked off properly (something Specialist Coatings won’t do) and the finish is soooo smooth (compared to Specialist Coatings where the surface has the ‘orange peel’ effect if you look closely.

    You pays your money.

    Oh, and Triple-S turned my Blur around in a week. Not too bad at all. They also do plain colours, metallic and candy.


    piemann let me know how the finish turns out. Orange peel etc

    Oh, one quick one regarding sand blasting.

    DON’T DO IT ON AN ALLOY FRAME! Specialist Coatings did it on my old Cotic which on steel is fine but Triple-S said that doing that on an alloy frame would have a huge chance of them blasting straight through the thin tubing used on mountain bike frames! A ‘general’ cheap powdercoaters might not know this resulting in you getting a fecked frame. Make sure that if its alloy, get it chemically dipped. Thats what cost the bit extra when I got my Blur done with Triple-S I think but like I said, its WELL worth it. They do collection and delivery too – worth checking out…


    Manchester rust proofers in stockport – cheap and chearful – about £35 and varying results, good enough for cheering up and old bike tho.

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