Powder coating a very rusty Inbred, any thoughts on the best colour?

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  • Powder coating a very rusty Inbred, any thoughts on the best colour?
  • CountZero

    Let it rust a bit more …then clear coat …..

    And when it rusts through from the inside, and snaps without notice?
    Don’t be bloody daft! What on earth has the outside got to do with it rusting from the inside? There are steel frames from fifty, sixty, seventy years ago still being ridden, with no loss of strength; the rust on the outside is on the surface only, and in no way compromises the frame integrity.

    brakes – Member
    I really dont get this. A POS frame goes rusty and instead of binning it, people decide that this is a good thing and decide to preserve the rusty bits for all to see.

    Sorry, when did I miss the reviews condemning Inbred frames as shit? Can you point us in the direction of some, please, you seem to be in possession of information everyone seems to be lacking.
    And having seen the rusty bits on the OP’s frame, I can see why he wants to tidy it up. What I’m talking about is an overall slight rusting of a stripped frame, which is then arrested by being lacquered.
    Tell me my two Inbreds are shit, and I’ll happily tell you to go screw yourself; a hand-built steel frame costing £250 isn’t crap by anybody’s standards.

    Left it in and doing it in green – RAL6018 was the zingiest on their list!


    Universal Sprayers? I have a set of Inbred decals you can have, same price as the Marys 😉

    Rust Busters just down the road from where I work, £60 all in with possible discount due to them doing some work for me in my day job!

    Decals sound good, meant to say I have a load of 18650’s if you need any!

    thread update, picked it up today and very pleased.

    Flickr link to some pics

    bit of a ghetto build and some fiddling to do to get it riding but pretty happy so far!


    Looking good.

    For those debating the raw and rusty finish this thread is worth a read if you’ve got a few minutes spare, I like it and am toying with the idea on a retro build


    Premier Icon nedrapier

    green with rigid forks to match, I like your style!


    Love the Kona! He’s really run with the idea, and done a great job.
    I was amazed at how quickly it rusted, but I wonder if that steel is a bit like Corten steel, the stuff the Angel Of The North is built from, in that it gets an oxidised outer layer, but doesn’t go any further. Bike frames are raw steel inside, but don’t rust through from the inside.
    I think I’ll leave my 456 to just wear naturally, I really can’t be arsed to take all the fittings off to strip it back to the bare steel, it’ll just develop over time as the thin lacquer coat wears away.

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    Have the raw fans seen the Specialised AWOL that did the Transcontinental race? With that, he let it rust until he liked the look then rubs it in olive oil every six months.


    Once the frame has a decent layer of surface rust I wouldn’t have thought it would go deep to the point of trashing the frame unless you did something to exacerbate it. Prolonged winter commuting with road salt sitting on the surface or leaving the bike unwashed with wet mud sitting in every crevice could worsen the rust perhaps but other than that surely it would just be surface pitting.

    If you check the Retrobike posters signature you’ll then see his Gulf Kiluea which is a brilliant contrast to his Rat.

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    I part sanded mine down in preparation for a paint job but carried on riding it. It got very rusty so I ended up painting it by hand with hammerite. Looked terrible for several years.
    I eventually showed it some love with a black satin powdercoat. It spat me off last week, breaking my arm. That’s gratitude for you!

    Cheers chaps, looking forward to completing it over the weekend.

    quick update pic with decals


    Advocaat yellow with red metallic bits like hubs and bolts has alway been a colour scheme I’d like to try.

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