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  • MoseyMTB

    Rotherham born, lived in Sheffield for 15 years and watched the Arctic Monkeys from early on.

    Love Portishead too but that was a great set from the Arctics.


    Monkeys for me, i was born in Doncaster, but lived in and around sheffield my formative years, so s yorks through and through. I live in Shropshire now, which is great, but the monkeys make me think of home. Portsihead are great, but my vote goes to the monkeys, defo a great show tonight from them.

    Edit – formative years being adult formative, ie getting married, , leaving the armed forces. Becoming a civi, having my son, etc etc, Go Sheffield childrens hospital 🙂

    Edit 2- didnt see the Portsihead set, so cant comment, im sure it was great,


    By definition, whichever one is being reviewed is the band the reviewer would have gone to see out of preference, and is therefore biased toward them. I like the Monkeys, but I’ve been following Portishead since before their first single came out, so I would be going to see them, because I’m biased toward them, and any review would tend to reflect that.
    Difficult to do otherwise, really.
    I didn’t see either set, ‘cos I was in the pub, but I would have watched Portishead.


    Review – not who you would have seen.

    Premier Icon psling

    I’m not there so can’t “review” sorry. But, at least one member of Portishead was wearing a flat cap 😉

    From what I’ve heard on the radio though, Portishead were spectacular.


    Watched Portishead, brilliant performance .


    Seen both. Glastonbury 95 in the acoustic tent Portishead were amazing. I think they had broke through that year. They could have done the pyramid, the whole festival was trying to get in that tent. Lucky for me friends run the acoustic stage and I got in with the mixing desk for the whole show.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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