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  • Posting a laptop
  • Premier Icon PrinceJohn
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    The time has come to sell my old Macbook, can anyone recommend a courier to use if I go down the Ebay route?

    As soon as you put the proper value in the insurance costs are extortionate…

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    We pay up for proper insurance and us UPS at work. We have never had a problem, and I must post them 3-5 times a year  to new staff as they start or leave.

    Premier Icon dannybgoode
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    For the vast majority of stuff I post from eBay sales I just use Royal Mail by 1pm Special. Never had a problem. On the odd occasion the parcel is too large for that I use ParcelForce but ensure it is properly insured. Again, never had a problem.

    Not the cheapest but has been totally hassle free for me so happy to just roll with it. Actually Small or Medium parcels by RM Special are not as expensive I don’t think as they used to be…

    Note my most recent sales have included some reasonably high value items (up to £2k), small and theft-desirable items (a nice watch for eg), a rather nice framed print etc. Not had one even minor criticism from the buyers.

    Premier Icon P-Jay
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    We send out dozens a year, hundreds during lockdown. We use the Post Office.

    Insurance… its worth checking the small print. A lot of places will happily take your money to insure a specific value, but exclude a lot of items, laptops being top of the list usually.

    With RM or Parcel Force, you can protect against loss, but not damage. That said, in 15 years we’ve never lost one, or had one arrived damaged, but we send in ordinal packaging.

    Premier Icon spacemonkey
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    For anything of significant value, eg the Macbook I sold 15 months ago, I use RM tracked/signed/insured.

    IMO it’s not worth the hassle of saving a fiver here and there on the off chance something goes wrong.

    Premier Icon Poopscoop
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    I’ve only ever send 2 I think.

    I just allowed for the postage in the listing and go with good rather than cheap.

    Think of the money lost/hassle you’ll have of the buyer gets a broken/ lost unit.

    I believe I went parcel force too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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