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    I may have a frame to post, it’s in a factory frame box, as it’s being paid for via PayPal I’d like to make sure I’m covered by a decent traceable service.

    Who would yiu use?

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    Paisley Freight

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    Cyclesent are good.

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    Paisley freight

    Premier Icon cp
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    Parcel force via is great for frames in boxes.

    Full bike boxes tend to be too big for pf standard service so I’ve used paisley freight for them.

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    Parcel farce here

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    Parcel Force 48.

    Book online & drop off at a post office.

    Use code MEN for 15% discount.

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    Parcel force via worked well for me.

    Just over £10 for 48hr with extra cover.

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    For balance, senditnow were a nightmare to deal with when a frame I posted went missing for two weeks!  They are actually parcelforce but you have to deal with senditnow.  How you can “lose” a frame box and then mysteriously find it again in some corner of a warehouse is beyond me.

    At least the frame turned up in the end, as the claims process looked tricky as well.  They refunded the postage costs eventually.

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    I have a frame in a box with lots of other components and it measures 110 56 21 and weights 17kg

    Parcel force Site quotes about 30 quid

    But via Parcel 2 go I got a quote using Parcel Force 12 pounds

    Ive used Paisley freight for bikes many times just check the max size of the box and you will be fine, I sent a large bike box within spec to Northern Ireland and it was quickly delivered.

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