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  • Posterior Horn Medial Meniscal Tear.
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    I posted a couple of moths ago about running the GNR with a sore knee. Well things have developed. I paid for a sports physio, who diagnosed a strained tendon, then a couple of weeks lated a strained ligament. A couple of weeks further on and no improvement, I went to see my GP, who suggested I go to see a Consultant, who made me scream as he prodded my knee. His first words after I came off the ceiling were ‘see you in theatre’
    He suggested a cartilage tear and needed an MRI. The results came back when I saw him yesterday with a substantial rip!!
    Dr Google advises allowing many tears to rest, but Mr Consultant says that at my age (60) it will never fix and will repeatedly cause me issues. The solution is to clear it out and try and stitch it up.
    He reckons post op (which is scheduled for next week) I’ll never run again and cycling will be a case of ‘one pedal forward, half a pedal back’
    I know surgery is probably the right thing to do, but do we have any good news stories after having meniscal surgery?

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    I need in on this thread. I’m having my cartlidge damage accessed next week.

    What can you currently manage. I was basically fine on a bike until I over did it. I’m hoping to get back to this point. But walking is a pain

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    Shit, that’s shit man.

    My mates just come out of surgery having similar done, he’s got two braces on his knees already.

    Sounds shit right, well Docs say “be fine in 6mths after rehab”

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    Had a medial tear cleaned out 2 years ago. no repair or stich – just a trim and removal.

    Took a long while for knee to settle down (ie no swelling) maybe 6 months.

    I can ride a bike as hard as I like but my running career is definitely over!
    Occasional aching and stifness but considering I couldnt turn a pedal or walk without a limp surgery was the only option.

    I was 42 at the time

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    I guess other than the odd few days here and there I’ve run nearly every day for the last 25 years. It is almost tear jerking to think its over!!! Sixty years old and on the scrapheap!
    Currently I can ride a bike, but its not easy, the knee becomes quite sore. The Consultant (who I really trust) suggests it will be just pissing off the currently swollen knee and not damaging it further, he’s a cyclist himself and recommends that at the moment I don’t push it. I can walk a few miles on road, but wouldn’t like to do a mountain walk with the stresses on the knee that would be inevitable. Any more than a few road miles makes it pretty sore the next day.
    Whilst waiting for the op, I feel a little lost, I hate swimming, so feeling somehow I need to burn energy!

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    Hard times Paul. I stopped running in my twenties I’m 53 now. I did a tiny bit of stunning last year but I can live without it.

    My dilemma is that the knew I had last summer was just enough to say I wouldn’t risk surgery. But walking the run of a triathlon then running 200 metres caused it to swell. I really couldn’t live with it like that. Some days it feels like it will go back to how it was let summer. Some days it doesn’t

    I’m currently looking at kayaking. Did a grade 2 on holiday a few weeks back and enjoyed it

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    I’ve ended up not needing meniscus surgery in my two knee ops; but a friend has had it a year ago alongside ACL reconstruction. Lived in a brace for 6+ weeks after. She is an outdoor instructor and I’m not sure she is yet running, but she is back to an active life – hiking, biking, kayaking, hiking. There is no doubt that any significant knee surgery requires a very committed rehab though so find a very good physio (I ended up going private) and you never know (depending I guess on how much they can leave in place).

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    Caveat – all surgeries are different, potentially.

    Medial arthroscopy 3 years ago, told only short runs, I’ve done 4 ultramarathons this year. Was stiff at first running, but I’m 100% sure that the strength I’ve built up has made it way better.

    Not a peep out if it now.

    Best of luck mate

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    Meniscal not medial, my bad.

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    Hmmm, I had an MRI 2 months back as I knew I did knee damage doing squats. Dr Google suggested Knee Medial Miniscus tear and GP was of same opinion. MRI indicates that this is correct but also 15yo ACL surgery has undone itself. Will have to see consultant but it’s not causing me any bother now (after 8 weeks of limping around) so may leave well enough alone unless consultant suggests that this will cause longer term issues 🙁

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    I had a bucket handle medial meniscus tear repaired at the start of August. I had the lateral meniscus trimmed at the same time, I’m riding every day. I still get a bit of pain when going up and down stairs. I cant tell you if you will be running again but cycling shouldn’t be an issue.

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    Well, I think I need to watch this thread.

    Nothing diagnosed yet, but the medic on the ship thinks I may have some sort of meniscal tear. Just some discomfort, nothing that’s causing me any pain. Cyclings OK, rowing machine a little worse, running is alright if I go easy. Oddly, I tried the elliptic machine and that was bad.

    Been like this now for a month. Off to the Doc once I get home.

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