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  • DickBarton

    Something got posted out to me on 23rd December…says 3-5 working days delivery – when should I expect to receive the parcel?

    Previously the same service has had the item to me next day (used the service about 6 times and 4 times have been next day and the other twice 2 days after ordering) or 2 days…

    Ordered from and there is no sign of it…saying that I paid for my car tax on the 22nd and the tax disc arrived today…

    I’ve no idea how the postal service works over the Christmas period and the local postal people don’t seem too sure either – today was the first day there was post in our street and we managed 2 bills and my tax disc, which makes me think the postal service isn’t it’s usual ‘service’ during festive times.

    This isn’t a rant, just a query as I’ve no idea.

    Member have been very slow recently.
    Most things going through the postal system now are getting through on time.


    5 working days from the 23rd is the 4th of January

    elaine anne

    depends on who th courier is too !!!! if its Royal Mail 😥 expect long delays (sorry) i have experienced extremely long delays this xmas like 3-4 weeks for my parcel coming…


    No probs cheers…I’ve no idea what is classed as a working day over festive period (and most Royal Mail don’t seem to know what a working day is in general – when did First Class stop being next day??? – that would be a rant so I’ll stop!).

    Wife also ordered something off Amazon for me on 7th December – got an email last night to say it was being delivered (after getting the alert on 9th to say it had been despatched!).

    Annoyingly, my order is what my wife had ordered me for a birthday present (and failed to tell me)…

    If everyone is getting slow deliveries then not a major problem (apart from the inconvenience of not having it yet)…

    Thanks for the info.


    I won a rotor on ebay which was posted 15th December, turned up yesterday along with my copy of STW.


    It’s not just Royal Mail that are struggling. I’ve been waiting on a drop from On-One (DPD) all day 🙁 Waiting on a ParcelFarce delivery from CRC too….I don’t have high hopes


    As much as it isn’t good news, I’m glad it isn’t just me that is ‘suffering’…fully understand the poor weather has had an impact but glad to hear everyone is delayed…


    I work in internet retail. Look at it like this – ordered on 23/12, and allowing up to 5 working days means that you may or may not be able to count the 23rd as a working day depending on cut off times so you’ve got 24,29,30th Dec so far ( 25,26,27,28 were not working days). 31 is a working day but the next one is not until 4/1/11. So on the senders promises alone you may have some waiting to go yet.
    On top of all of that, you’ve got disruption in the logistics sector caused by continual bad weather through December. If it’s in the mail you may be ok because they seem to clear from the top down. We’re still getting calls from customers waiting for goods that we posted out in the first week of December. Courier services are still behind but the thaw and the tradtionally quiet period between Xmas and new year means that they are catching up. I received consignments from FedEx today that I ordered on 22/12 and 30/12, so they’re getting through it.

    Be patient, we’re all in the same boat.


    Cheers trailmonkey…kind of understood all that but wasn’t sure if it was just my bad luck or if everyone was affected…going from the previous posts, everyone is in the sam,e boat – which is fine by me.

    I’ve no idea about the actual festive spell though and to what days are counted as working days…although it was posted out on 23rd, I think I’d have been surprised if it had turned up by now.

    On the flip side…we have only received 2 bills this month (both arrived today) – hoping they get well and truly stuck for a while yet!

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