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    Posted quite a bit over the last two weeks, even on small items like bottom bracket cheapest price with Post Office is £3.70 to be signed for. They now have a small parcel measurer box behind the counter to fit things in. Not worth using its that small, anything over that size is £6 +

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    Here’s a top tip – if you have a Collect+ store nearby, and the person you’re sending to has one nearby (and they’re willing to collect from it obviously!), then you can send up to 10kg parcels shop to shop for £3.49 with £50 insurance, tracked and signed for.

    EDIT: It also means the recipient doesn’t have to wait in for a parcel, Collect+ let them know when it’s arrived in store and they then have 10 days to collect it.

    EDIT2: I do not work for Collect+ 🙂


    Yeah. I sent my battery back to Lumicycle for them to look at (it’s poorly) and it cost me £8 in p&p, second class!!
    Not sure now whether it’s worth them sending me it back, to be honest as they reckon i need a new one….


    Mininum charge for even the smallest packet or jiffy bag is now £2.70. It has been this for a while now as I found out to my dismay when selling a batch of small items on evilbay about 6 or 7 weeks ago. Buyers just have to pay up but it’s really scuppered people who sell lots of small items.

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    Yeah, its less than 8cm deep, or will fit in 16cm cube I think. Which is just ******* daft.

    I am in the process of looking for alternate courier methods as I’ve lots of stuff to sell right now. Live in a rural area so its either time all my sales to end just before I go into town for a drop off service, or find a decent pick-up service.

    It annoys me as I believe in a national delivery network, ie Royal Mail, but I can’t afford that much to send stuff, and I think it will come back to haunt them.


    I’ve just got a right shock today !,having sold some stuff of eBay,& quoted the customer a price,& found out its double at the post office !.

    I’ve been told by a pal who uses Couriers,for his business that Royal mails rates have gone up with a right wack in the last two weeks !,so beware when quoting a price when selling or like me you can catch a cold !.

    So I used his Courier in the end !.

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    Blame CRC for the way they were packaging things!! and the Royal Mail putting profit before a public service!

    Sad reflection of todays need to privatise everything to keep shareholders happy!
    I have noticed a big drop in joe public parcels but the big companies must be striking a good deal as they are still as evident in the post bag.


    Buyers just have to pay up but it’s really scuppered people who sell lots of small items.

    Goes the other way too, cheapest service for anything even a gram over 2kg is £13! Might have to try out Collect+

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    + 1 for Collect +

    Not the quickest up to 5 days, but on line tracking is good.

    Also local shop open til late and saves going to post office.


    Got stung on a frame I posted this week – used parcelforce to collect it as they are the only ones that will collect within a window (12-2pm so my whole day wasn’t spent in). This used to cost roughly £15, this one cost £33.50!!! Thought I’d put the size or weight in wrong at first. Will have to check more carefully before putting stuff for sale with a price posted. Lesson learnt.


    The crazy thing is a box measuring 45x35x8cm is classed as a small parcel but a box measuring 20x9x9cm is a medium. So 1/7th of the volume is double the price.

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    I sent a kids Ridgeback Scoot balance bike last week, i dismantled it and packed it in a small box – took it to the post office expecting to pay £7 or thereabouts based on previous stuff, got a shock when the woman said £15.50, she even apologised for the increased cost and said her business has dropped off considerably which is bad news for her as she runs a rural post office/wool shop/card shop/confectioners/tourist tat all in one.

    Last time i ever use them for anything unfortunately, our courier at work (which i should’a used as it’s a bike shop, but i wasn’t in that week – doh!) charges us £10 a frame box, and that’s for a full size adult frame with packaging etc.


    Stumpy, that shouldn’t have cost £8 to post? £4.10 max First class Signed for … depending on size of the box you posted it in… even then 2nd class!?


    myhermes used here now for anything >8cm – frame for £10 today.

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    myhermes appear to be a lot cheaper than the alternatives now – priced up sending a big child carrier backpack weighing >3kg and it’s ~£6 signed for with them (though that only just sneaks inside their dimensions limit – bigger stuff may be problematic).


    +1 for collect plus

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