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  • I need to rebuild my love for my Yeti ASR5. It hasn’t been ridden at all this year, and has only been ridden 5 times since it was built. It is begging to be used, but must now share space in the bike cave with my newly built Titanium OnOne and my Cannondale singlespeed. Post up your Yeti rides and get my hunger going enough to chuck it in the van and haul it up to Wales for some trail centre fun.

    To get it started, here is mine

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    I’m being stupidly scared to get mine dirty… 😳


    Have they stopped making the ARC5 then? Shame as it’s a lovely bike.

    Edit: Blimey 575 gone 650B too. Times they are a changin’.


    I have only ridden mine once this year and have thought about selling on quite a few occasions of late but perhaps posting these will help me get the bike out for a blast and make me realise what i am missing!!!

    2009 575. Needs love – clunking rear end & weeping fork, I tend to ride SS except on big days out.


    Perhaps this one is better!!

    Premier Icon bigjim

    what a waste, send all your unused yetis to me!

    Another angle….

    Ahhh go on then…

    ..fresh carbon..
    ..freshly built..

    ..(start of) Lonscale Fell..

    ..(end of) Cut Gate..

    Not ridden mine or any other bike for that matter since Aug 11th when I crashed and fractured/fubar’d my wrist in the Alps 🙁 Amazing bike and miss it dearly.

    Premier Icon pictonroad

    so THAT’s where all the triple chainrings are…

    Your lovely new Tinbred was replaced by this:

    I might miss the Tinbred a bit, but this is bloomin marvelous 😀


    Wish the thieving bugger stole yours rather than mine. (not really, I’d rather none were taken!!)


    Just toying with the idea of going carbon or banshee spitfire.

    Just browsing their site, the SB75 is an odd one, isn’t it? A 27.5 Enduro bike that’s heavier than a Bronson, but has less travel than a Solo?

    Is that a turd on your grass next to the back wheel of your Yeti in the first pic?


    only had it about 6 months, but love it!

    20130302_164658 by thebigman1191, on Flickr

    I will come back when I have a pic of my Alfine’d 575 (the proper one with the knuckle in the frame) suitably covered in copious amounts of mud and leaves 🙂

    Premier Icon bigjim

    doing what it says on the tin

    have fitted 2013 Revs, reverb and XT brakes since that was taken

    Premier Icon DezB

    This was my Yeti when I got it 7 years ago..

    Just realised – every single part has been changed except the frame!!
    Is now in bits on my living room floor.
    Gonna change it soon, so if anyone want to sell me their ASR-5 frame (alu)… get in touch!


    Should anyone be interested in my Yeti ASR5C then i could be open to offers and feel free to Email in profile

    Is that a turd on your grass next to the back wheel of your Yeti in the first pic?

    Yup… Bloody sausage dog! Still, at least it’s on AstroTurf so easy to clean up.

    TheGingerOne – Member
    Your lovely new Tinbred was replaced by this:

    I might miss the Tinbred a bit, but this is bloomin marvelous


    That is stunning!

    The Tinbred is just having its brake hoses shortened and then it’ll be done. Looks pretty good. Hope it rides well. I’ll post up when it’s ready.

    Premier Icon P20

    My ASR5-C just after it had been built in the campsite. Light, stiff and so much fun. A fabulous bike. Then I crashed it on honeymoon and cracked the downtube

    Yeti ASR5-C by ritcheyp20, on Flickr

    Descending Lowerman, shortly before it’s death…

    Descending Lowerman by ritcheyp20, on Flickr

    My old 575. Great bike owned it for nearly 6yrs. Cracked the first swingarm within a year. The 2nd one lasted until just after the 5yr warranty expired. Had that fixed and then the carbon unbonded itself from the pivot on the 2nd day of 2wk holiday, replaced by the ASR5-C

    Yeti 575 by ritcheyp20, on Flickr


    TheGingerOne, I want your Chesterfield.

    Oh, go on then.
    Mine, on top of an Alp:

    A bit closer to home:

    Love it. I can’t really think of a better bike for UK riding.

    Brakes, the Chesterfield is in the bike shop. That’s how we roll down in Oxfordshire (ubyk) 😀

    Premier Icon Nobby



    Premier Icon stewartc

    Some very nice bikes posted here, posted this on another thread recently, but what the……….

    And a pic from the weekends AA race.


    Dez, assuming it’s all in GWO I’d be interested in the frame & fork, drop me an email when the time comes to sell. Is it a medium?

    I’m not sure if this is allowed as it has only got 26″ wheels?…

    But it is single speed so that counts, right? 😆

    any excuse tbf 😀

    Big Top XX1 – fin by Rob_G_Clarkson, on Flickr

    Premier Icon ben

    The only available pic to hand, sorry about the quality. My 26″ wheeled 575 hiding its triple chainset in Singapore jungle.

    Premier Icon andycs

    Just knew that a big top would be along sooner or later. Great bike, wish I could afford 1×11 for mine.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    How it’s rolling now.

    In it’s natural habitat.


    A very poor shot of the fun bike, will attempt to upload some better images later tonight..

    My 575. Bought it recently, lovely bike to ride, seems to do everything I want. Would happily ride long XC on it, pratting around in local woods, but really looking forward to some away trips, wales, the alps and paricularly the Passportes Du Soleil next year.

    Edit: Have ditched the OE white grips, and dropper is on route next month 🙂

    Premier Icon charliemort

    @ honourable george

    yeah I think they have shot themselves in the foot a bit with that sb 75. I think there’s a lot of asr5 riders waiting for a switch link equivalent but this one is about 2 lbs heavier than the 5. Plus, the SB 95 and 66 have gone to v=carbon rear swing arms this year, at no extra cost for about 1 lb less weight, so everyone will be guessing that the sb 75 will go the same way

    Premier Icon bigjim

    how could I forget my DJ too


    My 2011 Yeti 575 doing what a Yeti does best

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