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  • Given the number of people on the JoblessTrackWorld thread and the fact a couple of people on there had job vacancies i thought we could have a job vacancies thread. If you have a job to offer, post the details here and let’s see how many STWers can get jobs.

    Somehow I doubt this topic will get me another century thread 🙁

    Premier Icon GrahamA

    Crowder Consulting is a specialist in the fields of water supply, water distribution and sewer networks. The company is the designer and provider of intelligent water management software, in particular the Netbase system

    Details of vacancies here

    I hope that this is not considered to be trade advertising, if is is feel free to remove it.

    Premier Icon DavidB

    I need a top notch PHP programmer in Swindon. Needs 3+ years commercial experience and must be prepared to work in a lively office. Email me with CV if interested.

    Premier Icon igm

    Not officially released yet, but I’m probably going to be looking for a couple (perhaps 3) electrical design engineers – some good guys who work for me have got other job offers (all internal). Power or utilities experience is good. Various possible locations in Yorkshire and the North East that I’d negotiate over, but probably Castleford, Durham(ish)area or maybe Newcastle.

    Dales, Moors and Peaks all in shouting distance – Calerdale if you have to.

    I’ll post something when it’s offical but give me a shout anyway if you’re up for it.



    Got some washing up to do. I can spare a can of lager as payment if it’s done properly..

    Premier Icon Andy

    Industrial Engineer / Retail Productivity Analyst with top excel skills including understanding of VBA required. Contract based in Reading. Email in profile.


    I’m only qualified for one of those. Do I have to supply my own tea towel or are you supplying all equipment? If so I’m a medium in marigolds and I insist on yellow. and what lager is on offer?


    You’re gonna have to put the dish washing job out to tender. I’m interested too …

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Salesperson or Trainee Salesperson needed in the South West.

    Are there any STW’er with repping sales experience or looking to get into repping as a trainee in the Soth East?

    Experience in the gardening, water gardening trade would be an advantage.

    Send me your CV and I’ll forward it on to my boss.

    johnmoore200 @ (without the spaces)


    You are required to bring your own marigolds, pay for your transport to and fro my kitchen and sort out your own accountant re PAYE. Them’s the rules.


    And sorry, the lager has been consumed by management.


    It’s going to have to be Special Brew if your going to get me bringing my own marigolds. Anyone know what the minimum wage is in lager.


    Well, it’s a market economy old chaps. Plenty of jobs going at the DWP(I’m not too proud), however I suspect some folks are of the opinion that the market economy doesn’t apply anymore, or to them at least (according to other threads). It’s a shame the old forum isn’t yet accessable, Oh! to hear again the cries of indignance on the lorry drivers thread last year.


    5.73 pints of lager if You are over 22 😉

    Bloody hell – I posted a job on here about 2 years ago and got slagged off like mad. ‘Why ya posting on here – go to a proper recruitment consultant blah, blah.’ I had the piss taken out of me something rotten. Made me wary of even thinking about doing it again.

    In my poorly paid small trade, outdoor sports types tend to be better,more motivated and more suited than ‘big company’ people.

    Anyway, How times have changed and I’m sorry to hear from everyone who’s been laid off – my wifes been with HBOS and it’s predecessors for 15 years and is about to be made redundant.

    I’d love to be able to help someone out who’s been unfortunate enough to be laid off and I’d prefer someone of here than spending at fortune with some recruitment agency. Sorry recuiters

    I need a couple of despatch/delivery people based in Liverpool/Runcorn area for at least till september. Sorry, wage is not brilliant but it’s a job. To pick stock and deliver around the UK with possible European work – D1 7.5 tonne licence needed.

    I’m also POSSIBLY looking for a Sales Manager for Europe in a few months time – depending on response with other adverts out abroad.

    We’re a British company manufactuing specialist outdoor product from our North West base for the world market. Proud to say we’re world leaders at what we do,bucking the trend and experiencing good growth.

    PM me if your interested – if not, please don’t slag me off like 2 years ago!!

    Premier Icon iainc

    Geotechnical Engineer with around 5 yrs experience in windfarms, peat stability, EIA, mail in profile

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Bit different from the above, but we MIGHT be looking for a chalet chef for the summer.

    Cook hot breakfast and dinner, help out with change-over day, bit of driving. Food, drink, bed & beer money provided plus all the mountain biking you can handle.

    Previous experience a big advantage, but equally there’s no need to be a michelin starred chef. Driver’s license essential, some French an advantage.

    Website & contact details in profile.

    Woo hoo!

    My first social useful thread


    loads of jobs at the city of calgary,thats where I’m off to anyway


    to misquote Pauline:

    “Bramble pickers and babysitters”


    HMRC are looking for plenty of security architects, mostly in Telford I think. Those adverts just keep running and running. They need about ten more I’m told.


    notamassifanbut what do you make ive got 2years sales and management experiance in outdoor outdoor retail. you after any reps?

    Premier Icon NZCol

    samuri – contract people or perms ?

    Stonemonkey – just mailed you at the adress in your profile.


    We’re still looking for people.

    Programmer/Analyst/Consultant type roles.

    Have a look at the Careers section here (my bit), or here (main company website).

    Of any interest to anyone? Fire off the application form and a cv to the address on there if you like. Or drop me a mail (in profile) if you want any more info.



    Still have a job going for a mechnical/stress engineer at my office. North Bristol area, small independant consulatncy firm, workign knowledge of Patran and ABAQUS preferred, experience or relevant higher degree required. If you can add any/all of the following to your CV you’be a shoe-in – Matlab, MathCD, StarCD/Fluent, Solidworks, R6, Visual Basic….


    I know that we’relooking for developers (c++/xml/javascript) and testers. I don’t think there’s much info on the web site. let me know if you want more info.

    Premier Icon lunge

    Ok, well I work and recruitment and (amongst other things) I need:
    1 x Facilities Manager, Permanent, based in Hampshire, broadcast experience needed
    4 x Telecoms I&C engineers with Nokia Node-B and/or BTS experience, contract, UK wide
    1 x Project manager, experience in IT infrastructure and government projects, permanent, based on the south coast
    1 x PCB design engineer, contract, based in the North West
    5 x Security cleared (SC) IT engineers to install desktops, UK wide, must be prepared to travel
    Along with various other bits of technical broadcast work
    If any of these are of interest to people out there then drop me an e-mail to scold icott AT fuel recruitment DOT co DOT uk (without the spaces)
    Mods, if this is seen as commercial posting please delete, not wanting to annoy anyone out there!


    I’m needing someone for the position of ‘Woman’. Must be intelligent, tidy and clean and comes with no right-to-vote. A qualified chef the position of ‘Woman’ is expected to produce food three times a day, and have a fire lit when I get home. The required person must be able to get on with children and have a sense of smell that tells you (not me) that a child’s nappy requires changing.



    I’m for sale. West Yorkshire based but will travel anywhere along the M62 corridor. 5 years experience in a 1st/2nd level IT support role for a bank thats recently gone t*ts up. 3.5 years experience of IBM Tivoli Systems Management stuff – framework, TCM and a bit of inventory. Bit of LANDesk too. Also 2 years experience of perl scripting, HTML, ASP/VBScript etc and a bit of C#/.NET. Basically support a frickin huge estate for all systems management related stuff – I’m ace.

    Got owt going? Mail me!


    I cannot find you pm.

    Just wanted to ask a few question’s.



    A new venture my boss has just started require Head chef, Sous chef, and a Pastry chef, based in Dorset.


    Looking for people interested in becoming cycle trainers (eventually) by helping out this Summer term. Had several responses, all hugely appreciated, but maybe someone missed out? Work based in West London and Middlesex right now. £10 per hour.
    BTW You must be able to ride a bike, being good at forum-shatting won’t suffice 😉

    kingkongfisher – chrishopkinsatpyranhadotcom


    Hairychested, will the work be fulltime at some point, or partime? (genuine question).

    Premier Icon Blackhound

    Should be loads here, especially for engineering types:

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