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  • Hi
    Ive just got some hope mono m4s(older style about 2006) that im going to fit on a 2012 giant trance, the m4s are IS mount so need to get adapters to change them to post mount, and also go up in size both ends, front is from 180 to 203
    and rear is 160- 180.
    If some one could be so kind to find the adapters on a shop website and post it here, it would be much appreciated.

    thats 180ish on the rear hope sizes


    I had the same problem and tried a couple of the cheaper adapters out there that did not work for various reasons.

    You need Hopes own adapter HBSM20S. They are more expensive, but bolt straight on and just work. You should be able to find them at most Hope stockists.

    the front one ive found i did get given the adapter for but not the rear, and after a play about with the rear i cant quite see how any adapter will work on it? ill have a look at your suggestion foofighter and see how i go, cheers


    The HBM20S will increase the disc size to 200mm not 203. It’s a +20mm postmount to IS conversion and you have No.3 calipers if it runs at 180mm front and 160mm rear.
    The rear adaptor you’ll need is a IS to IS +20mm I think the part no. is HBIS20

    The rear mount is post style and caliper is IS so surely I need IS to post? Im going to take bike and caliper to lbs and see what if they can sort it, save me buying wrong bits :), I can make do for another week if I have to but really want to fit my collection of new wheels 🙁


    Yep, HBSM20 mount at both ends then, if you already have a 203mm disc then you can space the mount off the fork with a washer to get the extra clearance.


    Sorry to put a downer on it but is it worth the effort? A pair of old Hope brakes (technology has moved on a lot and brakes are infinitely better now) on a new frame with different standards will cost you as much as a set of decent new brakes.

    Plus 2 rotors at £25 a pop will cost you nearly £80. You’ll be able to sell your M4s for about £60 without rotors, use what you have and bolt these one. Much better stopping power and no bodged up adaptors.

    I got the brakes in really good condition and at a good price and will be an upgrade n the stock parts, I have the rotors already as they came attached to the new wheels, I would of just changed to smaller rotors but they are 4 bolt on hope pro 3 am sp4 hubs so discs are more expensive too, I probably will end up changing to new brakes again soon but skint after buying forks and wheels so looking for cheapest option.

    Will the rear mount adapter be the same as the front mount adapter?

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