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  • Post Brexit plans for UK citizens living in Europe
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    I know there’s a few on here.

    As a hard Brexit is looking more likely I started to consider my options rather than sticking to my original plan of “wait and see”.

    I’ve been living in Austria for some years now, looks like a hard Brexit will probably mean having to change my nationality. Although Austria is my home now, in my heart I’m still a Brit, so it won’t be without some regret if I do change.

    Anyone else in a similar position? I know Colp and Iolo are also in Austria – what’s your plans?

    Looks like I’m going to have to become German. So I’ll have to start practicing pronouncing my ‘th’s as ‘ze’s. 😉

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    My plan is to ignore everything with Brexit in the title, introduction, text, and images.

    From…. now..

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    I’m going to apply for French nationality. I could have done it long ago, but there was no real point until Brexit created uncertainty.

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    My brother has applied for French citizenship, apparently been something like a four fold increase in applications…


    I have a UK passport and intend to retire into France or Portugal. I am not expecting any issues. Arrangements can (and will IMHO) be determined on a country by country basis. If France make a fuss post Brexit I am very sure Portugal will be accommodating. This not not an EU only decision.

    I always wanted to retire into Switzerland but cost prohibitive now to live there full time, if I can get a job in Switzerland it could still be in the cards but time is running out as I am 54.

    Applications for British passports from French are at a record high, likewise for other EU nationalities living in the UK


    I’m one generation removed from qualifying for either a German or Irish passport.

    Both of my parents voted Leave.

    I’m really, really as mad as hell about it.


    I ve lived in spain for 15 years so hope to continue, i would be more worried if i was spanish in london. Some expats here in spain voted brexit, having sold up in uk.

    I think there are 300,000 uk pensioners in spain…economically inactive, consumers of healthcare, many having sold up so no chance of buying back in uk.


    I predict brexit will be abandoned and even if I’m wrong on that would be amazed if people currently living abroad were not given a straightforward route to residency/citizenship there. It’s more of an issue for those who are currently too young and/or working in the UK but with future ambitions to move abroad who are screwed.


    Retiring is different. FFS

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