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  • simonralli2

    Actually I know I have posted some pics already but what the heck. I asked a question some weeks ago about how to photo the moon. Well I had a go and as it turns out everyone took the p out of my attempts and it seemed it was not possible to photo the moon with a compact camera.

    Well the concept of defeat being totally alien to me, I had a second attempt and this time I feel it went a lot better!


    i see your moon and raise you …… my moon….

    same again but longer exposure, like this one more.



    That’s a fantastic photo – love it.


    Loads of great stuff up there ^^^^

    the shots i’m most proud of are on my website (Wedding / portrait stuff), won’t throw a link in so as not to upset the powers that be.. πŸ˜‰

    Why so proud – after-all us ‘social’ togs are seen as the lowest in the photog food chain –

    couple of years ago I was not a happy bunny, hated the day job, low on self esteem and all that…
    Long story short I went to se a nice man who helped clear my head, 6 months ago I quit the day job and my former hobby is now what I do full time now, times is not easy, cash flow is slow but I am doing it myself (with full support from the wife – thanks again babes :D). I’m out and about networking and all that – all sorts of stuff I would not have done a year or two ago, so, proud of my work, proud of myself, not something i’ve not said very often in my 40 years on this mortal coil….
    Sorry if that was a bit deep for this time of day….


    The Tamaki Estuary taken from my bedroom early one morning.


    the best guitar player of his generation .Derek Trucks.


    My mate fat Adam

    Premier Icon mangoridebike

    some fantastic photos there, thanks guys.

    I think the thread should be closed now as sq225917’s mate adam is a perfect countepoint to some of the amazing images we’ve had so far πŸ™‚

    Premier Icon Gee-Jay

    Wife & Kids on an icy morning


    A couple of my little’un.

    and her Jedi look


    “I think the thread should be closed now as sq225917’s mate adam is a perfect countepoint to some of the amazing images we’ve had so far [:)] “

    Is he an extra on Shameless πŸ˜‰

    just a few more


    Was pleased with this one taken with a 3Mp P&S:


    This one

    and this one


    I love this one – fills me with hope,
    My Two wee ones, totally non staged, I just walked in and told them to stay where they were. πŸ˜›

    My Bikey in the Pentlands. πŸ™‚

    Sorry, havent looked at any of the above! (this thread stuffed my computer when I opened it!) Thought I’d try and share this one, thought the sunset looked good on the bonnet of the car so put my crap digi compact on it and set it to do a pic. No edits this is how it came out. I like it.

    BTW car was in the drive and I was washing up at the time thats how it caught my eye. Yep thats te view from my kitchen window. I love living in the country πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    A still night.

    Sunrise @ Cwmcarn in October

    Premier Icon harryflashman

    Not in the same league as most of these thread, but proud of them nonetheless.

    the northern coast of spain, taken at about 6am having sailed from portsmouth aboard the Stavros S Niarchos

    at sea, from the same voyage

    and a random one from a holiday in france a few years ago.


    This makes me laugh too…

    This is off the hut thing at the Les Getes bike park, some random french nutter – landed it too!

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Saccades that is the smaller jump next to the hut
    see below

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