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  • possibly 'joblesstrackworld' (very worried) any advice?
  • wrightyson

    Straight question from a stranger, Is the job above your abilities?
    Honest answer?
    Will next weeks “training” help you fill in any areas that are slightly vague to what you need to do? Perhaps you could get the training tweaked to these areas?
    Can’t see why the gap in the cv is an issue? Some people like to have extended leave etc with their youn families.


    Speak to all your creditors and explain the situation.
    How did you leave the previous job? On good terms?
    Maybe it might be worth calling them to see if try would take you back?
    I’m sure everything will be fine in the end.
    Don’t let it worry you as this will affect your current state of mind which will make you even more nervous in your work.

    Premier Icon captain_bastard

    Let you know Wednesday when almost certainly given the chop

    Don’t have any other incomes though to rely on, so it will be squeaky bum time

    However, I’m going to treat it as an opportunity, always talked about doing something different, so nows the chance, equal parts scary and exciting

    Reckon you’ll be fine, be up front and honest with creditors, and any future employers, keep your chin up, and hit them trails while you have the chance!


    cheers for replies. ..

    I know I can do the job as I have the attitude but its more live exposure I need to be honest.

    left last job on ok terms but they run a ‘when you leave there’s no coming back’ policy.

    the IT crowd I got in to take over that part of my role their MD said if the new jobs goes ti#s up give me a call as I always hire people I know rather than advertise. said he can’t guarantee but it might be worth a quick contact…


    Stop talking negative is a good start. You’ve already decided they’re going to sack you so what’s the point in trying!! This is rubbish. Look ahead positively. You know what they say about falling off your bike. If you think you going to fall off, you probably will. Same here. If you’re already thinking your out then it will just become self fulfilling. If you know you can do the job then get in and do it. It really is that simple. If you need help with something then you need to say so and they should help. Any decent responsible employer should be able and willing to help.
    If you carry on talking yourself out then it will be obvious in everything you do.

    If you can change something, change it.
    If you can’t change something then worrying about it won’t change anything.
    Think positive.

    *this message is brought to you by someone who can be very negative.


    As above if you think you can do it then bloody nail it. At some point along the trail you’ll have to nail that drop off rather than using the chicken run everytime. Man up and show them you’ve got it, believe in yourself etc etc etc. good luck

    fatsimon mk2

    5 weeks seams a Very short time to adjust to a new role get back in on Monday speak to hr/training dept and voice your concerns/training needs any employer worth working for should be able to adjust length of time/training plan to suit within reason of course if you don’t speak up and then get the chop you will always be wondering if you could have done more good luck

    P.s IT MD phone him Monday too it’s who you know not what you know and it’s good to have a back up plan 😉

    Premier Icon kimbers

    You will be fine was made redundant last December bit took me 6mths to get a new job. Had a reasonable redundancy so we just managed . got a lot of dit done round the house to keep me busy, is 3 yr old in nursery, reducing her hours saves a lot of money.

    On the plus side the jobs market seems to be on the up. If you do go on the dole insist on a ‘finding and getting a job’ course asap, mine was run by an external charity and they were helpful

    Saying all that try and stay positive about next week of they didn’t see something in you they wouldn’t have hired you


    morning all,

    firstly I am being negative and I need to mtfu but the demons are calling and im worried about the future.

    left a well paid secure job of 9 years end of august. (technical sales/IT support)

    wanted new challenge so applied for a control room job, been there 5 weeks but still cant get signed off. told im back in training for a week and going to be given official letter, standard HR “you haven’t reached standard last chance saloon”etc with a meeting on Tuesday to discuss.

    They said its not a knowledge issue but nerves. …

    trying to stay positive but getting seriously down, lost a good bit of weight, thinking negative about the future and if I don’t get signed off what will happen financially as I have 3 year old and my wife who works full time. (no savings and wifes wage would not cover ALL outgoings)

    I know I should concentrate on next week but I can’t help planning incase the proverbial does hit the fan.

    what help can I look for if im shown the door?

    when/how do you sign on?

    what can I do about creditors, mortgage could be paid but not the rest?

    can I hide a 6 week gap in my cv, I doubt it as wont my p45 show last employer?

    cheers for any help, pointers.


    cheers all

    I am acting like ive been aacked already which aint going to do me any good.

    the management know tge fecked up the training programme for the first intake (me included) so hence giving us another fair crack.

    positive mental attitude as they say.

    I knew the job would take me out of the comfort zone…. but not this much haha.

    There may be other possible roles internally I could do.

    but again see what happens next week.



    That’s better. It ain’t over until the big boned lass pipes up. 🙂

    You can do it and you aren’t going to let them sack you. This is just a kick up the arse. Now get on with it.
    Best of luck. 🙂


    cheers. just had letter through! it even has a performance ‘flow chart’!!

    it’s as you say the first part of a 3 point kick up the arse plan!

    will post back end of the week with an update.


    This is actually an opportunity for you to show management your abilities. If they’ve given you a clear picture of what they want, do it! It is tough when you stat afresh and the expectation isn’t clear. But you say they’ve apologised for that so crack on.

    Premier Icon alibongo001

    Not sure if this will help but basically it sounds like they are running you through a capability process

    They need to show that they are giving you enough training to do the job (training of a reasonable quality).

    These things take time as it is unreasonable for you to be expected to turn things around immediately.

    You may find that the process allows for a good few weeks whilst they support you, this also offers you some time to get a plan B

    Hope it goes better than you seem to expect!

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    A bad place to be OP – but very common…

    Make sure they are very explicit about what you need to do and define it very, very clearly. Not just responsibilities and quality measures but behaviours as well.

    Make sure you know what being good looks like to them in this environment. Ask them who could be your ‘model’ so you can see what they are looking for in operation.

    Make sure their feedback is constructive and not just fluff or whitewash. It should indicate the problem they have and the way to solve it.

    Do try and stay positive, it will be tough – but at least then you know regardless of outcome that you have done all you can.


    Premier Icon jkomo

    Ok, keep calm.
    Treat this like a project.
    Address every point they raise, and sort it, tick it off then move on.
    Tick off each point they want sorting.
    It sounds like if you do this, then you’re through.
    If the stress is getting to you, try to do some exercise each day, a quick run or ride to stop you getting to jittery or paranoid.
    Worked for me.
    Good luck.


    cheers all again.

    my stumbling block is not having certain amount of calls signed off. ive had lots with the mentor but when its with the main trainer I didn’t reach required number and that ads to the pressure as there aint a compassionate bone in their body.(everyone in there new and old says same thing)

    in my defence you don’t get enough ‘certain’ calls during your sign off period, but they will just gloss over that.

    theres 3 other people who are in same boat. the pressure just mounts when your ‘live’ and not just ‘listening’ in.


    Stay calm there is work out there. I was let go in July, sent a few mails to old mates got a new Job two days later, which is loads better than the one I lost. Things always sort themselves out eh.


    cheers all again

    I did reply earlier but god knows where it went!

    Basically I have to have a certain number of calls signed off with mentor and head trainer. mentoring calls are fine but the head trainer is under massive pressure to get everyone signed off and sadly doesn’t have a compassionate bone in their body and gets everyone’s back up, hence me stressing and not having the full quota signed off.

    Just got to voice concerns in the meeting.

    fingers crossed.


    bloody phone!

    STM’s “no idea what job you are doing and I havent done it” help plan.

    No booze tonight or for the next 6 days.
    No pissing around on here the internets till 1am . Go to sleep an hour before you normally do.
    No night rides
    Stop fretting about what might happen . A coconut might fall on your head.
    Get up a little ealier and get a good slow release carby breaky in you.
    Try and concentrate on those calls , and do not be afraid to ask for help.

    Some or all of the above might just be useless.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I reckon it takes about 6 months to really settle into a new job / role if you don’t know anyone in the team. 5 weeks is nothing.


    left a well paid secure job of 9 years end of august. (technical sales/IT support)

    wanted new challenge so applied for a control room job, been there 5 weeks but still cant get signed off. told im back in training for a week and going to be given official letter, standard HR “you haven’t reached standard last chance saloon”etc with a meeting on Tuesday to discuss.

    So obviously the new company thought you where worth while employing, relevant skills etc, also youre learning a new role, it takes time, ad is about personalities and how you do stuff,if you where crap it would have showed up in week 2 or 3 and out you would have gone.

    Alo in a control room controling what.

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