Possible stolen Trek full-susser, in Poplar, east London?

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  • Possible stolen Trek full-susser, in Poplar, east London?
  • Sad to say, RB, I agree with you. Often is the time that I see a rather nice bike being ridden by someone who clearly didn’t buy it (or at least buy it in any way honestly). I do rather wish there was something which could be done to solve it, but I fear there’s not a lot we can do.


    I hate to judge, but sometimes, you just have to accept the probable truth about a situation.

    The bad thing is, these yutes know the value of such things, and will be looking for £2-300 at least for it. Worse, sometimes, it’s their parents who fence stuff their kids have nicked.

    Scum like this let all the other decent people down.

    But if there was no market, then nice bikes probbly woon’t be such a target. Somewhere, there are keen mtbers, who will willingly and knowingly buy stolen bikes.

    Fred i thought that london was the pinnacle of human kindness, most developed place, swimming in wealth, architecture, culture, class?? Oh no you have been rumbled, its a shit hole full of pikeys, much like your (un)native liverpool!


    Crawl back under yer stone.

    says mockney mock scouser, stones too good for you!!


    and to think Rob is a teacher……

    Ralph, poor. Very poor. Do give up.

    RB, you’re right, it is a very difficult thing, as it’s almost ingrained in a part of society that it is “OK” to steal a bike and fence it.

    Ok but to be fair fred deserves it as he is always preaching about the finest city on earth and then this /\


    Just seen a yute ride past on a brand new Trek full susser, possible a Fuel:

    Looked like that. Of course, I could be wrong, but seeing as this lad is one of the local yute who often have stolen bikes for sale, I’m afraid I fear the worst. Very odd, to see a 16-17 year old, on this estate, with a £1500+ bike.

    Anyone lost/know anyone who’s had a bike like this stolen in the last couple of days? My guess is, that this has just been nicked today, as by tomorrow, it will be sold on, probbly.

    Boils my piss, when you see little scumbags, who have no respect for other people’s property, or that you should have to work for owt nice. Quite a few round here seem to make a living from being thieving little Cs; I hear them boasting openly about stealing cars and motorbikes.

    This was in St. Leonards road, Poplar E14. I’ve ‘phoned Babylon to let them know, but I doubt owt will come of that. I’m just concerened that some poor sod has lost something they’ve worked hard to get.

    I really, really hope I’m wrong, but my experience and instinct tells me otherwise, sadly.


    Like bikes aren’t stolen in any other city? 🙄

    Anyway; Sunday bump, just in case.


    the number of kids I see on CLEARLY nicked bikes (I’m in N1) is ridiculous – it’s the same kids I see too and they’ll nick anything shiny, even Bromptons
    everytime I want to say ‘that’s a nice bike, where did you get that from’, but that would just get me grief and wouldn’t solve anything 😥


    Brick Lane ‘market’….?

    always a few boys hanging around in Cheshire St with hooky looking bikes. rode past once and they started doing that weird “thss thss thss” thing with their tongues against their teeth.



    known as ‘sucking teeth’.

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