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  • Position Vacant! Any engineers looking for a job?
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    Greetings all.

    Whilst being incredibly saddened by the recent doom and gloom threads resulting from the economic downturn (Browns performance on R4 this morn, didn’t exactly help his credibility…. but that’s another story), my company is actually looking to recruit, so I thought I’d ask on here to see if it would be of interest to any fellow forum dwellers.

    The company is a small engineering technical consultancy just north of Bristol, looking to take on a stress engineer doing predominantly FE modelling and some hand calcs. Will need experience in ABAQUS and Patran, qualified to at least first degree level with then either relevant experience or a higher degree.

    If you want any more details email me at gshort AT eatec DOT co DOT uk.

    (P.s. – yes, the website is a crock of sh!te, so try not to be swayed by it! 😉

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    What, no ANSYS??

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    ANSYS is the work of the devil! 😉

    Historically the company has used ABAQUS, but lately the majority of our clients are, making it a requirement.

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    Cant be too bad a company, I mean, your on the net at 11am…!!!

    I can use Ansys & can do hand calcs but no ABAQUS or Patran.
    Never mind, I’ll have to stay at the nucleus of pneumatics design then…!!!

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    Hmm, OP was a little strong m’be – ABAQUS/Patran isn’t essential, but would be a considerable boon.

    Would be happy to train-up ‘the right person’ for these packages which are used fo rth emajority fo the work (have done so in the past) – however, demonstrating a sound basic engineering knowledge is more important, certainly at interview stage, as the client/project list is so varied. I, as a humble stress engineer have had to come up to speed very fast on basic hydraulics, flight loads, electronics theory, materials as well as general and code-specific programming languages, several CAD packages, pressure vessels, fatigue and fracture, thermal calculations, naval architecture etc etc. If we think we can handle it, we’ll take on pretty much anything that comes through the door which means the day to day challenges can be huge, but you can never say you didn’t get to use your brain at the end of the day!! 😉

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