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    Fair enough swanky you answered my post, perhaps (like a few others) I have veered straight to assuming you are an evil profiteering git, but that’s probably rather unfair.

    You have to admit though your last couple of threads have at least smacked of doing either a little Astroturfing/promotion or trying a a bit of free market research…

    As for the 5 Years, 0% proposal? Thinking about it in wider terms isn’t that sort of thing half the problem, easy access to consumer credit has basically helped drive up the price of everything over the last decade (including bikes obviously).
    So now when faced with the situation of incomes not really increasing but prices being inflated, rather than bring people’s expectations down a bit and getting them to try and live within/closer to their means, you are proposing to simply Ramp up their access to credit again? making it easier to swallow with a longer repayment term.

    TBH, I’d consider it if I could use that 5yrs/0% on a less expensive bike, say a £1500 spend over 5 years, 60 monthly installments of £25 (would that deal even be worth your while though?), as I’d barely notice that leaving the bank balance and there are plenty of £1500~2K bikes I’d like to own but the missus would strangle me if I just raided the savings for £2k.
    But you are proposing it as a means for people to utterly spunk their wad on a £10K ego chariot when you can’t be sure the £166 monthly payments over that period will be sustainable…

    I’d push the angle that its potentially more affordable (in terms of monthly budgeted outgoings) than C2W schemes (which is shorter period, Lease hire in effect now and not really worth it) if you want to own a “decent” rather than “premium” bike, but that’s just me…

    And I really don’t get the bike lease thing, but if you are actually getting people interested then fair play…


    Jamie – Freeloader! But we still like him

    I think Jamies “get out” was for TINAS and his superb pun

    I’m sure BikeSwanky realises that, and his offer to meet up was a mere pleasantry.

    Nope – not a pleasantry – I’m sure you’d like us if you actually met us – not sure that it would be mutual though 🙂

    Happy to meet you for a ride on some of our demo Pygas if you want to in the Surrey Hills or Swinley 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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