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  • v666ern

    Just been informed by a work colleague that her and her husband came across a group of lads on motocrossers using the portway DH tracks last night. They were also shooting glass bottles in the entry bowl with air rifles and when they asked them to stop the group became aggressive to them. She said thankfully the local bigfoot mtb club came past at that point so they left with them, so just be cautious if you’re up there intending to use those trails ❗

    ill cc roger in so he’s aware – though not really in the cranham cycling remit


    lunch bump


    all over the facebook pages, some lovely people around!!!!


    Brilliant 👿

    I’m with the Bigfoot club and we’re off up there Saturday morning, we’ll be on our guard

    Difficult to know what to do when faced with people like that to be fair, you aren’t going to get any sense out of them and we’ve got no more right than them to ride those Portway DHs. Okay we’re not aggressive and shooting stuff but still, seriously, what would/should you do?


    Unlikely they’ll come back, but if they do be nice. They’re just having fun.

    Be nasty to them and they’ll be nasty back.


    Always been the case there I’m afraid. I lived on Painswick beacon for years, our track was either full of doggers, burt out stolen cars, fly tipping or suicides. My sisters have been flashed at, I’ve had rocks thrown at me while riding as a kid by grown men! Good riding though.

    I’ve messaged Roger as well and will take a look up there i think, see if we can have a tidy up. Just what we need when we worked so hard to get access. Still at least it shows that we are an asset when it comes to over seeing the woods if things do happen.

    The Portway was never discussed at the meetings people kept quiet about it.Best thing to do is let them get on with it or you might become the target yourself.


    Just back from a blast round Cranham woods and no sign of broken glass in the bomb hole or damage to the two dh runs (stump run and collar bone).

    On another note the sawmill have been doing some felling and the bottom half of ‘buckholt sidewinder’ http://app.strava.com/segments/4360000
    has been completely trashed. I guess it may work out in the long run making it more open and quicker drying but for the moment it is impossible to ride.


    I have received reports of motocross bike activity in the woods above the Cotswold Way section that leads from the A46 to Painswick Common. We walked this wood with you during our first meeting. There were reports also of these individuals using air rifles to shoot at glass bottles. I hope someone is able to look into this as powered vehicles could make a real mess in there.
    Regards, Roger.

    Hi Roger,
    Thanks for passing this on. I’ll report it to the police, and please ask anyone who sees it to do the same. Also I’ll swing by myself more regularly to keep an eye – any idea when they have been there – daytime / eves? Weekends?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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