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  • Pork pie for dinner…………….discuss
  • Three words.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmechanically recovered mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeat.

    Pork pies, in fact any pies, shouldn’t be made out of proper meat, that’s just a waste. Lids, lips and ar$eholes. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    Some slices of pickled beetroot and a huge dollop of Colemans. So big it tastes like the back of your nose is on fire

    pickled beetroot and coleman’s – enough so it feels like the back of your nose is on fire

    mmmmmmmechanically recovered mmmmeat – anything else is a waste

    ahh bollox what happened there – who cares, it’s all worked for me, i’m off to find a factory produced mecanically recovered meat pie with just enough meat in it to justify the use of the word “pork”

    ..and some proper mustard, because i’m an educated, cultuered person, which excludes the use of broon sauce, and without any middle pretensions, so no minty peas either.


    I can’t belive you lot haven’t solved this one yet. The answer to the question is Chilli Onion Relish,,, jeeeesus 🙄 .

    Although Pickle will do at a push, as long as the pie is cold, but it can’t be that nancy smooth stuff, has to have propper chunks in it 😉


    or is it the food of satan(BARNES)

    this is just Tonikins whingeing because he only lasted 2 weeks as a veggie :o)


    Mango or peach chutney, preferably homemade.

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Colman’s. And enough of it to make your pie come through your nostrils. Hmmmmmyeeeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh



    Has anyone else noticed that pork pie is the same in France as it is here ? Wonder which way it was exported, here to there or there to here ?


    Pork pies= cold with pickle
    Meat pies= hot with mushy peas
    Meat and potato, steak n kidney pies most other pies= hot with brown sauce or cold with nowt eaten from a paper bag
    Cheese pies= just wrong

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    Gala pie – who makes the best one? Where can I buy it?

    No scrimping on the egg either!

    Thank you so much 8)


    Never had a hot pork pie, must try that.

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