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  • Premier Icon fadda

    That looks deliberate on the part of the bus driver. Sensible, considered reaction to a very minor infringement, huh? And I bet the Passat driver was delighted, too.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    +1 on the ticket, Tracker1972. Quite agree.

    fadda do you mean letting her off was a sensible considered reaction to a very minor infringement? Looking further down the road she could have parked 100 yards away or less but could not be arsed, she got caught, take the bloody ticket, minor infringement, minor pain in the ass punishment, seems to fit to me.
    If you meant that the bus drivers reaction was a sensible and considered reaction, not too sure about that either 🙂

    Premier Icon fadda

    I meant the bus driver. And I was being ironic. I'm guessing that he was pi$$ed off with the car there, and decided to punt it down the road, and into a completely innocent drivers car too.
    As for the ticket, I don't really care, and I'm sure she doesn't either. not sure she's very worried about £30.
    TBH, you'll see the same thing in many high street, and the worst response is usually a blast on the horn.
    I speak as someone who will go out of my way to park legelly and considerately.

    Premier Icon CHB

    Don't see what she did wrong. Sureley we all park in bus stops occaisionally? I subsidise them with my council tax so that the poor can get to the dole office/bookies, why shouldn't I get some use out of them?

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Jesus, she looks old before her time.

    Be warned kids, that's what heavy cocaine abuse in your twenties does to you!


    The BBC will report anything these days it seems.

    It was the tone at the end that got my goat so to speak, the "don't worry everyone, she didn't have to pay the ticket that was so clearly unjust" feeling I got from it briefly turned me into "Incensed, of N-E Derbyshire".
    But don't worry, I am back to "Tired and Befuddled, of N-E Derbyshire" now.
    Oh and CHB, you drive a Porche don't you, you do, don't you, I knew it! (trundles off to put kettle on grumbling like an old man about Porche drivers and "back in my day") I will make a great grumpy old man in about 30 years.
    CaptJohn, film it and they will broadcast it, there is a whole internet out there to fill, and apparently someone invented the internet 2! Another one to fill!!!

    … a bus crashed into her!.
    What! OK, the bus didn't crash into her because she was parked half on the pavement in a bus stop because the lazy cow could not be bothered to walk (I assume) to the cash machine from where you could park but at the end of the report (that you can see here) it says "you will be pleased to hear her parking ticket was quashed".
    No, I am not bloody pleased at all to be honest, she parked like a tw4t, natural justice swang into action and gave her car a bit of a punt, excellent. Now make her pay the bloody ticket as well!


    Chill….it's saturday 🙄

    Premier Icon CHB

    Tracker, you need something proper to worry about. Try global warming or population predictions, I can really reccommend it for keeping you awake with worry.
    Anyhow, Porsche drivers have always used unorthodox parking positions, look at James Dean.


    parked illegally deserves a ticket.
    Bus drivers really should have their licence removed from them imagine that was a cycle lane and then comment!

    Chill, CHILL! With injustice like this in the world! How could I possibly… oh, hang on, blue sky, Saturday, GP to watch later, maybe incensed was a bit strong but thats what you put in a rant isn't it?
    Scary woman on the breakfast news to distract me now 🙂


    Written off?
    £35,000 buys alot of repairs, odds on she'll of had a 'like for like' replacement vehicle (@ £700.00ish per day) which will of made it cheaper to settle it as a w/o rather than pay hire for the duration of repairs.



    Isn't this post parked in the wrong forum?

    BAN HIM!

    Hope her pussy was O.K.


    I must be getting old but I think shes tidy 8)


    Lazy bint, the only think I feel sorry for is the cat.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Well, lets face it, she probably wouldn't be that detered from illegal parking with just a £30 fine. She might however, think twice about it now. Still can't see why the spineless local authority didn't uphold the ticket. They clearly had everything they needed in that clip. Besides, that clip worked in her favour. Imagine trying to explain what happened without the clip? That's got to be worth £30 to her.

    As above, I feel sorry for the cat!


    Of course had it been a skoda with a bike on the back you would all be calling for the bus drivers head on a plate and congratulating the council for cancelling the parking ticket.

    silverpidgeon- I only left it for a minute and got my just punishment, can't you let me off just this once, I left a mouse in my posting that could have been scared!

    I can't understand why you're all focused on the car?

    Take the car out of the picture and all I see is a bus driver pulling off when he clearly can't see, swerving violently acros the road, mounting the pavement and taking out a bus stop.

    What on earth was he doing? The fact that he clipped a car is almost irrelevant. Thank **** there wasn't any kids either in the bus stop or in the car. The bus driver is an effing idiot.


    I'd ram her from behind.

    I think the real wory about all of that is the bus driver who "hit the accelarator instead of the brake" took out a car then a bus stop

    ok she's parked illegaly and i'm sure we all try to go out of our way to park legally, but can anyone on here really put their hand up and say they've never once parked illegaly in their life

    yet another post judging people by the car they drive, smacks a bit of jealousy

    This is a story because:
    1) it's on CCTV
    2) she's nice looking

    Awful bus driving. I think she got natural justice though.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    I'm not jealous, I don't want my car punted down the road by a bus no matter what anyone thinks. I just don't see why the ticket was quashed, regardless of the car or the MILF.

    The bus driver made a mistake but without the bus company saying, can only speculate about his punishment but I am guessing there was one. The reason I posted it was because I saw no reason to let her off the parking ticket with such clear evidence that she did something she clearly should not have (oh, and it was early and I was a bit bored).
    I mentioned that it was a Porche because it was one, now you mention it though, she said she did get the ticket, so she must have contested it?!?!?
    Oh well, hope I get so lucky.
    Oh, and iamtheressurection, if she wasn't parked there, the Passat would have passed, the moving bus would not have slowed, the crash bus driver may not have lept for the brake and missed, or a little old lady might have parked there instead and been smeared all over the road in her G-Wizz electric thing. Who knows, just thought she should have paid the ticket and let the insurance deal with it, not contest the ticket and sue the bus company.


    odds on she'll of had a 'like for like' replacement vehicle (@ £700.00ish per day)

    whats she getting, a bugatti veyron??, maybe £700 a week you meant


    I take it back :oops:, a snip at £239.28 per day

    ABI Tp hire rates


    Bus driver must have had a fit or something – nobody could be that shit surely.

    And no I am not pleased that the ticket was quashed and no we most certainly have not all parked illegally.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    porsche or not, that's pretty bloody cheeky parking – presumably she pulled over to the wrong side of the road especially to park in a bus stop and partially obstruct the pavement. Clearly should have been ticketed & fined (how/why did they ever waive it ?) but bus driver should be shot for that, not just banned – that was SHIT driving, with a capital F.

    Oh, and iamtheressurection, if she wasn't parked there, the Passat would have passed, the moving bus would not have slowed, the crash bus driver may not have lept for the brake and missed, or a little old lady might have parked there instead and been smeared all over the road in her G-Wizz electric thing

    Yeah, that's the point right there – how did I miss that? And lept for the brake? That's a bit dramatic, are you in marketing? 😉 I thought it was just a case of moving your foot a few inches to the left…

    Regardless of the car being illegally parked, that bus driver should have his licence taken off him. I don't like the thought of a bus driver panicking and hitting the gas in error – that's something I'd not excuse an 90 year old for.

    Anyway, too nice a day to argue.


    I'd give her one…..

    Parking ticket that is! …… and i hope her pussy wasnt to battered ;-o


    Thats my sister in that video


    It looks like the bus driver made a recognised error called a foot placement error. After you've stopped you put the handbrake on. When you are ready to pull off you put your foot gently on the footbrake then take the handbrake off. Very rarely a driver can put their foot on the gas by accident. The bus moves forward as the handbrake is taken off. The drivers reaction is to press the 'footbrake' harder which usually results in panic. You can see where this is leading.

    In this case the driver appears to loose rational thought at the prospect of hitting the bus in front, steers violently to the right to avoid it then tries to steer back to the left.

    After the initial error the driver just reacts to the situation until the immediate danger is reduce to a level where tyhere is enough time to rationally work that his foot is on the gas.

    There have been instances where buses have travelled several hundred yards before coming to a stop after hitting buildings or other large vehicles often with the drivers foot still planted on the gas pedal. The driver has just been panicking about avoiding as many vehicles/pedestrians as possible as he can't stop due to his 'failed' brakes all the way down the road.

    Doug, are you spoiling this discussion with actual facts? 🙂
    oh and iamtheressurection I am not in marketing, but have sometimes thought I should be and yes, it is too nice a day to argue and I agree entirely, bus driver needs dealing with, even if it is an easy/explainable mistake.
    Still think she should have paid the ticket tho' 😉
    Am leaving now, second glass of red has gone and I may start getting irrational soon!

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