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    I’ve managed to bugger up the poploc on my new 2013 RS Revs. I caught the cable which damaged the grub screw that attaches the cable to the spool at the top of the fork. The grub screw is now bent and will neither tighten enough to retain the cable or unscrew to allow me to replace it.

    I therefore need either a new spool and grub screw or a clever bodge to allow me to secure the cable – any ideas?

    The service manual is below – pages 4 and 24 refer to the poploc.


    Ultimately I may just replace it with a manual lock out but keen to see if I can fix it first.


    I’m looking to replace mine with a manual one but mojo want 25 quid & loco haven’t replied the the questions I answered for them

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    Don’t you need a different damper cartridge for the non-remote option? i.e. not just the leg-top rotating bit

    Has the OP tried to drill out that grub screw so it can be replaced? Nothing to lose by trying!


    Just need to unhook the spring to go non-remote (unless its changed in the newer forks). Reckon it would be a mission to rehook it if you want to go back to a remote though.

    Can’t you hacksaw off the base of the old bolt where it pinches the cable?

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    You can’t get to the base of the bolt. I may resort to attempting to drill out but given it’s only a 3mm grub screw I suspect I’ll damage the thread in the spool. I suppose I could try re-tapping but I reckon it’s high faff with a low chance of success.

    Hopefully it is just a case of disconnecting the spring – it looks the same as the older RS.

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    A quick update in case anyone has a similar issue. I drilled out the grub screw (bit of a PITA and took a while) and replaced it with one of these:

    I had to do a bit of work with a hacksaw and file to make it fit…

    All in all a bit of a bodge but it all works now…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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